A funny thing happened on the way home from the garage

Hello everybody,hope you are well and earning enough.

I picked my cab up from the garage the other day and decided that I would go straight home and get it cleaned up ready for work that night.

As I came down Shoreditch High St,going to get a bit of diesel,I was hailed by a couple who wanted to go to Liverpool St. I thought I’d knock that 1 out quick and it would give me a couple of quid for a cuppa on the way home,so off we went and soon arrived at the junction of Bishopsgate and Liverpool st.”this’ll do” said the fella in the back ,so I pulled into the kerb and let them out.

As I went to pull out from the kerb I noticed there was a policeman standing in the road,talking to another cab driver in front of me. And as I started to pull away he flagged me down and got me to pull over into the kerb.

I started to get worried,thinking that I was getting a ticket for dropping on a red line,so I got out and asked if there was a problem, to which he replied “no problem sir,just a yellow badge picking up out of sector”. With that he got the young lady out of the back and asked me to take her to Lower Thames st.

On the way I asked the young lady what had happened and she said that she she hailed him at the jcn of Kingsland Rd & Shoreditch High St and all was well till they got to Liverpool St when the police stopped them. It’s a pity that the police aren’t as vigilant as that outside the city clubs and bars at night time!

Another interesting ride resulted in me having a complaint made against me. It started on a monday night when I was hailed by a fella with a suitcase in Gt Eastern St. I pulled over and he asked if I took credit cards, but as my card machine was on the blink I told him “no”.  I thought that was it but he got in anyway and sat down.

I asked what about the card and he replied that it wasn’t a problem if we could stop at an ATM on the way to Kings Cross, so off we went. When we got to the jcn of Old st the lights went red so I slowed down and I heard a bang from the back of the cab,which I thought was his suitcase falling over, but when I looked round he said that he had hit his head on the window. When I asked how he replied that he fell against the partition when I stopped. I asked if he was ok and he replied that he would feel better if I gave him a discount on the fare!

I thought that he was joking but as we went on our way he was still moaning so I pulled over by the cash machine in Old Street and said that if he wanted to get the cash out we would continue to Kings Cross.

The fella stayed sat on the seat and refused to move,saying that I had pulled away from the kerb to fast and made him fall over and hit his head on the partition and now he wanted me to take him to the station for nothing and if I did so he wouldn’t report me.

At this stage I decided that he was a chancer and was trying to get a freebie so I stopped the meter and said that was as far as we were going but he dissagreed and said that he wasn’t getting out of the cab. From here an argument started with him getting quite aggressive,so I told him to get out of the cab and find another way to Kings Cross. As you can imagine there were a few expletives thrown back and forth but in the end he got out and I went on my way.

The following Saturday I got a letter from the PCO telling about the complaint and asking for my side of the story. I sent them an email explaining what happened and pointing out that if I had “shot away from the kerb before he had time to settle down causing him to hit his head” as he stated in his complaint,then he would have hit his head on the rear window!  The other thing that they saked was whether I had sworn at him,to which I replied “yes” but it was in the course of an argument during which there were insults and hard words comming both ways.

A week later I got a reply from the PCO/Tfl saying that the complaint was found in my favour and there would be no further action,but the complaint would be held on my file in case of further complaints.

I think that there is a case to be argued that as I was in the right Tfl should wipe the record clean but I have been told that this will never happen so in future I shall go to the LTDA if it happens again and let them fight it out for me. The really silly thing is that in his complaint he said I was driving a black cab but my cab is silver, so I could have denied all knowledge of the incident.

Finally heres a quick warning of a bilker that I picked up outside “Fire” in Vauxhall. He was a fairly short bloke of asian/middle eastern apperance who asked to go to Shepards Bush via Battersea Pk Rd to pick up his bicycle. On the way he was quite chatty and talked about his building business and also made a couple of phone calls to people trying to arrange a meeting for later in the day “on site”. I now belive that this was a ploy and that the calls were fake. When we got to the bush he asked to go down the Uxbridge Rd and then directed me up a turning to the right,which was a dead end,(sorry I can’t remember the name) and had a estate with some low rise blocks of flats on the left. As we stopped his phone rang again and he said “it’s the mrs” then he asked for a recipt as he chatted to her,probably another fake call. I took my foot off the brake and he got out of the cab,still chatting on his phone,came to the passenger window then f*cked off like a scalded rabbit on his bike.

I went after him but he went through an entrance into the estate and had disapeared from view before I was out of the cab! I don’t think that this was the first time he had done this so if you pick him up don’t let him out before you’ve got the cash.

Cheers folks,thats me done for now,I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Del Boy.

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