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I had a great day out with 9 other cabbies at campaign-paintball.com in Cobham Surrey, we had two teams of 5 and hours of fun, the next day I was suffering, my legs ached like mad, it just goes to prove, how unfit I am.

On the day I met up with Dawn round Dave’s pad then he drove us both to Cobham in his car, it was absolute bliss being a passenger for once.

After paint-balling the three of us  went into a local pub for a pint of shandy, then Dave drove us back to his place for one last coffee, I was so tired that day  I took the night of work and came in early the next day.

As usual, when I don’t get any work of the street I make my way to the nearest station or rank, that’s providing there’s room on it and it’s a busy rank. I did this last Thursday at Kings Cross station, my first job of that day, a lady with a small case and hand luggage, she asked to go to Queen’s Gardens in Paddington W2, off we go, the Euston road was pretty heavy with traffic for an early Thursday afternoon but once passed the Euston Flyover it lightens up a bit, we get to use the bus lane, My passenger seemed ok in the back, she wasn’t talking to me, which was fine, I prefer it that way sometimes, it gives me a chance to listen to the radio.

When we arrived at Queen’s Gardens I put the intercom on, she leans forward, away from the mike and mumbles something, I asked her if she could sit back and tell me again, this time she shouts the door number, knowing the intercom is on, some people, I said to her the only reason I asked you to sit back was so I could here you properly, she mumbles again and said I thought cab drivers were supposed to be good, When I asked her what she meant, she accused me of having a bad day, I said I’m fine, it’s you who’s having a bad day, with that nothing more was said and she left.

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