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TweetaLondonCab and TAXISTOP

Tweetalondoncab & TAXISTOP partner for real-time taxi booking in London  With a growing fleet and waiting list totalling 350 drivers, tweetalondoncab – also known as TLC due to their inherent good service – has built an enviable following as the capital’s best and cheapest alternative taxi booking service.Passengers have persisted [...]


A funny thing happened on the way home from the garage

Hello everybody,hope you are well and earning enough.
I picked my cab up from the garage the other day and decided that I would go straight home and get it cleaned up ready for work that night.
As I came down Shoreditch High St,going to get a bit of diesel,I was hailed by a couple who wanted to go to [...]


A success storie for the RMT

Sometimes it’s not worth blogging,all I hear is negative this negative that.
I find it really hard to concentrate on negative issues all the time.
This blog is a positive one, a success storie.
If your a member of the RMT you would have seen what I’m writing about beforehand.
Sean Kellett of the RMT Ranks and Highways, has [...]


Twitter paintball

I had a great day out with 9 other cabbies at in Cobham Surrey, we had two teams of 5 and hours of fun, the next day I was suffering, my legs ached like mad, it just goes to prove, how unfit I am.
On the day I met up with Dawn round Dave’s pad [...]


London town

I thought I would share with you some pictures I took while driving around London.
The Fiat 500 has become a sculpture through the work of Lorenzo Quinn, son of famous actor Anthony Quinn. After being exposed to Abu Dhabi and Valencia, the art work titled Vroom Vroom has arrived in London.
The  four-meter sculpture is made [...]

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