Cabbies letting of steam at Formula 1 Go Karting

Cabbies from all parts of London joined in this friendly formula 1 Go Karting competition.

What a way to start your day, London cab drivers and friends joined together for what was a great day out, it was really nice meeting up with other  cabbies, we had a great time.

Drivers being told pre-race doe’s and don’t s

below Gary, with mark posing for the camera

Gary Williams & Mark Morris

Below having a friendly pre-race chat.

Below Sam Coates and Julian

Sam with her fella Julian

Below Gary Williams, ready for his first race.

Gary looking confident and raring to go and kick some arse

Below Gary George, team photographer.

What a smoothie

Below Sam Coates, showing the victory sign.

Sam all revved up and raring to go

Below winner Steve Brand celebrates by opening the champaign bottle.

Afterwards a bunch of cabbies went of to have something to eat, before starting work, while the rest of us went straight to work

I think we could all agree, we had one hell of a great time.

Thanks to Paul Walsh, Go Karting organiser

10/01/11. 24  published by legalledoff

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