Keep em peeled

The sign has been changed to a no right turn into Brewer Street when you are in Lower James Street. Therefore you may turn left into Brewer Street or proceed forward into Sherwood Street (after giving way).

Lwr James St facing Sherwood St

Picture below  shows old keep left signage.

The signage at this junction has now been changed to a ‘no right turn’ so
you can drive straight forward into Sherwood St. without fear of getting a

Old picture with left turn signage

If you were one of the unlucky 397 that received a pcn at this location for not complying with the proceed left turn, then contact your trade rep, they should advise you on what steps to take.

Ross Lydall of the evening standard

The picture below is outside no 30 Threadneedle Street in the City

There have been a few drivers driving over this hole, it’s a lot deeper then you can imagine, inside the crater there are three more deeper water filed holes.Be careful.

Threadneedle Street

Above picture is about 5 yards short of the traffic lights at Old Broad Street, east facing.

Below is our new taxi rank, close to the premises of Abacus in Cornhill.

Space for two cabs on this rank, facing west.

In the above picture the taxi parked up is outside the main entrance to Abacus, there’s enough room for six licensed/unlicensed mini-cabs to park in front of us.

This is the type of respect the authorities show the licensed taxi trade in London and this is the second time they’ve got it wrong but they’re are getting closer, maybe third time lucky but don’t hold your breath.

By the way, you won’t be able to use this rank until they’ve finished the road works, god knows how long that will take.

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  1. knowledge boy says:

    Ah good news this has caused many a debate for us k boys and girls..

    keep up the good posts and might see you on the road one day if i can get this knowledge done that is..


  2. Esinem says:

    If you had a PCN for going into Sherwood Street, just write to WCC and demand your money back. They have admitted their ‘mistake’. For more info on this and other $CAMera sites see http://www.NoToMob.co.uk Please help by telling us where the $CAMera cars operate and when.

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