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Cabbies night out for the panto Mother Goose

Several (TLC) tweet a London cab drivers and their partners went to see the panto Mother Goosed at the Brick Lane Music Hall London E16
When there we happened to meet no other then Charlie Slater( Derek Martin) who played a cabbie in East Enders, he kindly let us take some photos.
Picture below, On the left [...]


RMT’s January Newsletter 2011

RMT London Taxi Branch
January 2011

Happy New Year to you all…

Happy new year to all London taxi-cab drivers and let’s be totally honest with the 4th of January VAT rise of 2.5% there isn’t a taxi-cab driver here in the capital a penny richer in 2011. Along with a very slow start to the [...]


Cabbies letting of steam at Formula 1 Go Karting

Cabbies from all parts of London joined in this friendly formula 1 Go Karting competition.
What a way to start your day, London cab drivers and friends joined together for what was a great day out, it was really nice meeting up with other  cabbies, we had a great time.

Drivers being told pre-race doe’s and don’t [...]


Keep em peeled

The sign has been changed to a no right turn into Brewer Street when you are in Lower James Street. Therefore you may turn left into Brewer Street or proceed forward into Sherwood Street (after giving way).

Picture below  shows old keep left signage.
The signage at this junction has now been changed to a ‘no right [...]


Happy belated new year to you all

Happy new year to all of you

I know it’s a bit late to say HNY but I’ve been busy, mostly doing nothing, lol .   Firstly I didn’t sell my house, they didn’t have enough for the deposit and this was their second and last attempt with another bank, I also got feed back [...]

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