Golden fare taxi rank delayed

Due to lack of staff the Golden Fare taxi rank was abounded by the LTDA.

The marshaling of the Golden fair taxi rank was a big success according to the LTDA, they reckon their were more then 500 taxi using that rank on the 17 and 18 of December.

The LTDA say due to lack of staff they had to delay the scheme.

They were to resume on the 8 January but now the trial will resume on the 28th of  January.

It will be on the Friday and Saturday night between 2200 and 0400.

General secretary of the LTDA Bob Oddy said the scheme surpassed all expectations.

The LTDA say it was clear with the huge demand on both nights there is a appetite for the Golden fare service but they will need more man power next time.

Because of the extra cost and man power, that’s why they’ve put it off till the end of January and they hope to resolve those problems by then.

Martin Low, commissioner of transportation said that he wont’s to combine  the golden fare rank with an operation to clamp down on touts and tackle touts using the Coventry Street rank when the Golden fare is not in operation.

Martin also added that a decision to extend the Golden fare rank will be made in mid February.

This scheme worked well on the Friday but come Saturday the Marshall’s abounded it by 2am and the touts were back.

source BBC news


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