Friday night,party night.

Last Friday just gone was the busiest night for party’s, and it was manic on the streets of London.

Last Friday night around midnight I did my first job from the golden fare rank I picked up a young couple, they gave me a blue card with £20 sign on it  and asked to go to bayswater, I didn’t bother asking for the money up front, they looked ok.

On our way there I asked them what they thought of paying a fixed rate, they said it was a good idea because they couldn’t get a taxi of the street but they waited for 2 hours in the queue because it was so long.

The young lady then started crying, I said whats wrong, she said nothing really, I’m tired,cold and very grateful for you picking us up, then the boyfriend said you can also throw in some PMT mate, I thought all’s well then, when we arrived at the Corus hotel in Lancaster Gate, they thanked me and then weighed me of.

Below is what the £20 card looks like.

Below is the back side of the card.

These are the rates and miles you can travel on a fixed rate.

£20 up to 3 miles, £30 for 7 miles, £40 for 10 miles, £50 for 12 miles.

anything beyond those fixed miles goes on the meter.

Later on Friday night while waiting for the lights to change, this guy came up to me and opened my back door, he then asked if I would take him somewhere, before I could say something he realised there was a young couple sitting on the back seat, he turned a bright Red and departed.

While heading down Pall Mall, I saw this car heading towards me, he came out of St Jame’s Square and turned left instead of right, lucky for him there were no other cars on his side of this segregated section of Mall Mall.

Lastly while heading back to Coventry street fixed fare rank, I had to stop at the end of Coventry Street. Facing the wrong way and trying to get out onto the Haymarket was a pedi cycle with two people on the back seat and trying to pass them was a taxi, I couldan’t beleive my eyes there was a copper standing there, telling the driver of the pedi cycle to turn around.

Thats it for now, be back soon. Chow.

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