Friday night drunks

Hi everyone, With Xmas around the corner, we start getting all the parties and you know what that means, exactly drunk people.

Friday, Saturday or Sunday mornings are the worst, no one wont’s to pick up  people that have over indulged, it seems even some mini-cabs won’t tout these people, they’ve probably had a gut load the same as us.

You can normally tell when people have had to much alcohol, they wave their hands frantically in the air and stand in the middle of the road, thats probably because the approaching taxi shows no sign of slowing down and they think he’s not seen them, well I can assure you we have, do you honstly think we want you in the back of our cabs, not on your nelly.

Last Friday was no exception, I just dropped in Upper Street Islington, when this guy came up to me and says can you take my mate to Highgate, without thinking or seeing his mate, I says ok, then he says he’s got money, before I could check him out, he was in the back, sure enough on the seat next to him was a twenty pound note.

He said he wanted Highgate, so off we go, driving down Holloway Road I ask him where in Highgate he wanted, I could not understand where he wanted,so I pulled over to the side of the road and asked him several more times.

He was to pissed to explain where, so I said to him, I’m afraid you will have to pay up and get out because you can’t show me or explain to me where you live, he didn’t like that and refused to pay me, so I said to him, I’m going to take you back to where I picked you up from, with that he reluctantly gave me the money but still wouldn’t get out the cab, this time I said if you don’t get out of my cab I’m going to take you home with me and you will have a long walk home, he says ok then, as I pulled away he says stop stop I’ll get out.

He stood outside with my back door open, did he honestly think I was going to get out and close it, not me. all I did was put my foot on the gas and my back door closed.

I thought to myself I can take the hint, this is a warning, it’s time I went home, tomorrows another day.

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