House selling blues

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since my last blog so here goes.

Remember back in September I told you all that I’ve got a buyer for my house, well a couple of weeks ago I called my solicitor, to find out if everything was running smoothly, he told me that the person buying my house has pulled out, due to the lender not lending them the money because of my property’s steel structure, he said my estate agent should have told me this already but they didn’t.

I called my estate agent and they didn’t know anything about it but said they would investigate and call me back, well they did a couple of hours later and this time we’re better informed, they told me that they warned the buyers this would happen but they didn’t listen, they said don’t worry they will try and get them back on track with a mortgage from a different bank that will lend them the money.

A week passed before I got a answer back from the estate agent, they told me that  my buyer has taken up the new offer of a loan, that was in November and I had the survey on the 4th of November, it’s now the 2nd of December and I called my estate agent back and they told me the dreaded news, my buyer is having more problems getting the money, the estate agent said they are contesting the banks response to not wanting to lend money on a steel framed house, so this is where I’m at so far, I’m now waiting for them to call me back. I’ll let you all know their response in  a later blog.

It’s not even  officially Winter and temperatures have plummeted to minus 6 degrees with heavy snow fall, I’m glad I got rid of my old Fairway cab because my TX1’s heater is brilliant. Long gone are the days when I have to cover my rad with a  plastic advertising board to keep it from getting to cold, long gone are the days of having a cold wind blowing through the gaps round my window, now I’m not suffering from cold winter drafts anymore, it’s great.

Tuesday night I was flagged down in the Mall, it was the doorman of Le Caprice restaurant, he walked all the way from Arlington Street he told me every time he tried hailing a cab someone else grabbed it, that’s why he decided to play it smart and walk towards the Mall, when we arrived at the restaurant he said wait here while he lets the person know I’m outside,he came back out and explained they were just settling the bill, by this time I’ve already got about a fiver on the meter, I asked the doorman if it was expensive to eat at Le Caprice, he said not really, for two people with one glass of wine each your looking at around £120., I thought that’s not to bad considering the type of restaurant this is, I paid a woner in a Indian restaurant once, mind ya that was for 4 people.

After about 10 minutes one of the guys got in the back while waiting for his mate, I could see him staring at my meter, of which there was £12 on, the doorman tried to explain what he had to do to get a taxi and said that’s quite a reasonable price to pay, the guy said I don’t think so, it’s an extortionate price, I had to butt in, I told him the hassle the doorman went through to get a taxi and he should be more grateful. He didn’t even look at me, it went straight over his head, no more was said, apart from the doorman telling him,if he wants he will pay the £12 on the meter, that seemed to shut him up, the other guy got in and we were on our way.

My first drop was at Waterloo Station, the guy doing all the complaining got out.

I thought to myself why was he moaning about the taxi fare when he wasn’t the one paying for it, “unbelievable”, the second guy told me he wanted to go to Dulwich, he told me that he and two others just paid £500. in Le Caprice and he asked the waiter for a bottle of a good  Beaujolais, when the waiter came back with a £250 bottle, he said not that good, give me something in the region of around £70.

I wanted to ask him why his mate was winging about the meter fare earlier but decided not to, he was a really nice chap and we had a good old natter,he paid the full meter fare and thanked me.

To finish on,while listening to Sky news, I’ve just heard we have lost our bid to host the World cup in England

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