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Golden fare taxi rank delayed

Due to lack of staff the Golden Fare taxi rank was abounded by the LTDA.

The marshaling of the Golden fair taxi rank was a big success according to the LTDA, they reckon their were more then 500 taxi using that rank on the 17 and 18 of December.
The LTDA say due to lack of staff [...]


Volkswagen unveils it’s proposed London taxi

This is Volkswagen’s idea of a new London black cab, conceived by its design team in Germany and based on the forthcoming Up city car.

One of a trio of ‘World Taxis’, the VW Taxi Concept is smaller than the company’s current production baby, the Fox, at just 3.73m in length, 1.66m wide and 1.6m high, [...]


Friday night,party night.

Last Friday just gone was the busiest night for party’s, and it was manic on the streets of London.
Last Friday night around midnight I did my first job from the golden fare rank I picked up a young couple, they gave me a blue card with £20 sign on it  and asked to go to [...]


London’s golden fare rank

Hi everyone, last night while waiting to start work I got a phone call from Paul Walsh and was told that the BBC were going to film a couple of cab drivers, about the new Golden fare rank and was I interested in volunteering to be filmed, I said no but I’ll go take a [...]


Lucky cabbie gets a roader

CELTIC striker Anthony Stokes hailed a cab to get home from the players’ Christmas bash – from London to West Lothian.

Lucky cabbie get roader from one of London’s exclusive night clubs.
The player was reportedly exhausted after the party at London’s Jet Black after-hours club with his teammates on Saturday night.
So, rather than wait to travel [...]


Black cabs go green by 2020

London’s infamous black cabs are set to become “green” over the next decade, as part of a new scheme launched by the city’s Mayor, Boris Johnson.

The mopped-topped Etonian outlined in his Air Quality Strategy document that black cabs built from 2015 onwards will be expected to consume 60 per cent less fuel than current counterparts. [...]


Michelle Mone, loses medal in London cab

BRA queen Michelle Mone boobed when she left her OBE medal in a London taxi

The blunderwear boss had owned the coveted gong for just five days.
And last night she had her knickers in a twist as she made a desperate internet appeal to try to retrieve the award – which was in a black case, [...]


Businessman from Japan dies as Heathrow taxi is hit by 32-ton lorry

The dead man’s two colleagues and the black-cab driver were injured in the crash, which closed one of the capital’s busiest roads through yesterday’s evening rush hour.
Wreckage: the cab after the collision with the lorry on the A4 in Chiswick
Police are interviewing the 44-year-old lorry driver. He was arrested late last night, after a hospital [...]


Black cabs can now take Oyster type cards

London cabs are being equipped with an Oyster-card style payment system from today.
It allows passengers to pay for journeys by simply touching readers with their Visa contactless cards. A total of 80 cabs will use the system as a trial, accepting payments of up to £15.
Visa said it was hopeful thousands more will sign up [...]


Friday night drunks

Hi everyone, With Xmas around the corner, we start getting all the parties and you know what that means, exactly drunk people.
Friday, Saturday or Sunday mornings are the worst, no one wont’s to pick up  people that have over indulged, it seems even some mini-cabs won’t tout these people, they’ve probably had a gut load [...]

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