MPs “could” investigate cab licensing in London

An investigation into taxi and mini cab licensing could be extended to cover London

A new enquiry by MPs into the licensing of taxis and Private Hire vehicles “could” be extended to cover taxi and mini cabs in London.

Last week the House of Commons Transport Committee announced an investigation into the licensing of taxis and private hire vehicles, saying it was particularly interested “in cross-border hire problems caused by private hire vehicles picking up passengers on a large scale outside of the area in which they are licensed.”

A spokesperson for the Committee has confirmed that the Committee “hasn’t ruled out London”, adding that “whether they look at the situation in London will depend on the written evidence we receive.”

The committee is asking for written evidence on cross-border hire and other issues relating to taxi and private hire vehicles, including matters concerning passenger safety. Written evidence should be submitted by Monday 20 December 2010 and can be submitted by e-mail to transev@parliament.uk.

Source of info Mayor Watch

One Response to “MPs “could” investigate cab licensing in London”

  1. The licensed taxi trade has been complaining, Private hire has been stealing our work for many years.

    This problem escalated after 2002 when ken Livingstone licensed private hire in London and gave them respectability and a free get out of jail card to do what ever they like.

    Now these scabs are stealing off each other and the Private hire lobby has complained. Parliament has taken up this issue and is investigating the matter.
    (Shows just how much power they really have!)

    Our trade has been complaining to parliament for many years, not once have they investigated our complaints.

    Still don’t believe there’s a conspiracy to break up our trade ?

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