John Mason adds Fuel to the Flames…. By Jason Byrne.

Wednesday Morning, Paul Ross interviews Jonathan Myers, spokesperson for the United Cabbies Group and asks whats this Demonstration all about.

Later that morning, John Mason, Head of Taxi and Private Hire at TfL, was given a chance to put his view on the current situation.

We are not muggers, thieves, rapists or terrorists.
We are in fact “The Best Taxi Service” in the world.

Every night, an assortment of muggers, thieves and sexual predators line up to take advantage of an uneducated traveling public.

Terrorists have been allowed to park car bombs outside Londons night venues, which were left, completely unchallenged for many hours and yet Taxi drivers, in the course of their work are constantly given penalty tickets for stopping on yellow lines for more than two minutes.

It would seem the only body that doesn’t recognise our worth to London, is our very own administrative body “TfL”
John Mason, speaking to Paul Ross said that these people are being caught.
Well last year (2009) assaults including rapes, rose by 54% to a reported 134.
While detection and conviction fell by 50% from 6 in 2008 to 3 in 2009.

Safer Travel at Night isn’t working, FACT not fiction.
The Havens rape crisis centers dispute these figures and suggest that most rapes are never reported to the police, so never make it into official statistics. Recently three Met officers were suspended for changing statement to show rapes as non crimes.

John Mason will only deal with a silent representative organisation, whose chairman is paid by TfL to say nothing.

The worm is now turning and the drivers are abandoning the Org’s. At the recent turnout for the veterans, organised by the UCG, drivers from every representative organisation took part, in-spite of their leaders reluctance to get involved. This service given freely to our nations heros was such a success it is to become an annual event.

But even as the drivers lined up to pick up the veterans who had been abandoned by Peter Hendy’s TfL, they were harassed by local traffic wardens. While across the road minicabs were allowed to sit and wait outside a minicab office.

taken from The Anderson Shelter

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