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3rd United cabbies demo of 2010

On Wednesday 17th November 2010 the United Cabbies Group staged a drive-in demonstration at Oxford Circus.

The Banners going up outside the entrance to Oxford Circus underground station.

This is the 3rd demonstration this year against Rapes and sexual assults.

At 3pm, thousands of London Taxis descended on Oxford Circus in protest against Satellite Offices which they believe are directly responsible for the alarming number of rapes and sexual assaults being committed in licensed and illegal minicabs in London.

London’s traffic was held up for more then 2 hours.

They were also joined by hundreds of motorbikes from the ‘No To Bike Parking Tax’ Lobby who seriously raised the noise levels with their horns and sirens. They were there to support the UCG in their protest at this very serious public safety issue, and to show their own displeasure against Westminster Council and their draconian parking enforcement regulations.

Hundreds of motor bikes joined the taxis on their crusade.

After 2 hours at Oxford Circus they moved on to the  Palestra building in Blackfriars Road

There were a number of police and security outside the building, and they were quite happy to let the UCG hold this peaceful demonstration. Many of the officers said they supported the UCG and agreed that this situation was now out of control.

The demonstration at Palestra lasted for over an hour with approximately 300 Taxis circling the building and many more who simply could not get near it with the queue stretching back to Blackfriars Bridge and beyond.

A long line of taxis outside the Palastra building

Just after 5pm John Mason was approached by a UCG spokesperson who tried to speak to him but was told to go away, I don’t want to talk to you.

Remember this is John Mason Director of Taxis and Private Hire refusing to talk to the UCG.

This again was a well organised demonstration by the UCG.

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