Cabbies pay tribute

What a fantastic turn out of cabs, this rank extended all the way over Westminster Bridge.

Head of taxi rank

Facing South East over Westminster Bridge.

The UCG marshals that were present, they did a fantastic job, I take my hat of to them,because without them organizing and attending this event, it would not have happened.

The UCG marshalls line up.

All above pictures taken by Michael Fitzpatric @fitztaxi

The back of the rank, facing West bound.

Facing West bound

Above Picture taken by of Nigel Edwards @Nigel42

I was proud of my fellow cabbies that turned up on this very special day,well done guys, you did a fantastic job.

Take a look at Simco’s video below.

Check out The Anderson Shelter,click on the link below.

TfL, Beyond the Pale….By Thomas the Taxi

Video taken from ITV.com

Also check out the UCG website for full details on Remembrance Sunday

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