remembrance Sunday 2010

A day to remember.

There were around 80 or more cabbies that turned up at the three pick up points to transport the war veterans to Whitehall.

Aranged by the United Cabbies Group (UCG) the day was a big success.

Saturday night I came out to work at around 6pm, it was a extremely busy night, I think that was mostly  down to there being Planned engineering works on the underground, it’s always a bonus for cabbies when this happens.

I was going to get a early nights kip and be up nice and fresh in the morning but I just kept working, as they say in the trade, I was on a roll and when on a roll you’ve just got to keep moving, if you brake that momentum then your work pattern can change for the worse.

I was driving down the Marylebone Road, heading in a easterly direction, when I got hailed to go to Ealing Common, the time is now 02:30 in the morning, by the time I got back into town it was already 03:30, so It’s hire light off this time and I headed home, not to go to bed but to change clothes for the morning’s events.

A quick shower and change of clothes then straight to the car wash in Chamber Street E1 where I met Jamie one of the drivers on TLC, when finished we both made our way to Great Suffolk Street (GSS)  cafe, we both ordered a full English breakfast and tea.

Around 07:15 other drivers started appearing then about a quarter to 8 we all made our way to the Union Jack Club in Sandell Street, The veterans started appearing around 08:15.

A lone UCG marshall walks back to sort things out outside the Union Jack Club.

Come 09:30 I headed back to Waterloo Station, where I mistakingly misread a tweet, I thought they wanted more cabs but the driver in question was asking if they wanted more cabs, in a very short time there must have been about 40 cabs ranked up down the middle of the road, oops, not to worry they had to go somewhere, sorry guys.

Time is now moving on and I’m starting to feel a bit weary, so It’s home time for me.

You can make a donation to The Royal British Legion

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