A quick update

Hi there everybody, hope you are well and earning enough.

Its been a while since I have been on here , so I thought I’d pop by and give you all an update on the world of Del Boy.

I have been surprised how the work has fluctuated over the past couple of weeks, one day there are punters comming from everywhere and the next they are as rare as Steve buying a round of drinks.

A couple of weeks ago I was second on the rank outside The Whitehouse Hotel when I saw the cab in front pull onto the forecourt so I pulled over onto point and settled down with the newspaper. The cab pulled off the forecourt and I saw a couple still there and they beckoned me over so off I went.

The lady was in a wheelchair so I got out and dropped the ramp got the couple in and off we went. As we were going along they told me that the first cabbie had refused to take them because his ramp had broken! & the “nice doorman” had gone inside to call them a minicab. They only went to St Pancras but were so happy that they had got there in time for their train they gave me a £5 tip. I must say that if I had got the number plate of the cab that had driven off I would have reported him to the PCO, as it is cab drivers like him that get the rest of us a bad name.

I have had a couple of decent jobs in the last few weeks, starting with a radio job from euro star one Friday. I had just got into town and had done a quick LUL job when the radio offered me an as directed job from Euro Star. When I got there I joined the queue of cabs and slowly made my way to the front of the queue. As I arrived the marshall came over with 2 fellas and asked me if I was OK going to Leicester!  Well I thought about it for a millisecond then said yep, put them in. So off we went and a couple of hours later I had delivered them both safe & sound,after a 12 mile diversion when 1 of the blokes sent me the wrong way down a motorway and we had to go 6 miles before the next exit, then go back to where we started. I was back home before 5.30 having earned more that day than I had in the previous 2!

Another good one was the fella that tapped on my window the other friday,whilst I was having a bacon roll and a cuppa before I went home. Now I have a rule that if I have my light on and a punter hails me I take them, so when he asked me to go to Padders I said “jump in but you’ll have to excuse me eating my roll on the way”.

As we were going along the fella asked if I fancied taking him home to Bristol so after a bit of negotiating we were M4 bound! On the way he told me that he had been to a card game the night before and got a bit carried away but as he had won a few bob he was hoping that his mrs would forgive him getting home 12 hours late. When I dropped him off I asked him if there was a cafe locally where I could get a cuppa and he said no need, you can come in and I’ll get my wife to make one, I declined his kind offer as I didn’t fancy being there when his late arrival home was discussed with his mrs!

The other night I was driving  along and saw this miniscab in front of me with just a “pre booked only” sticker on it.

I did manage to get a few pics;

I also got a couple of pics of a great old Austin FX4, parked in Hoxton Street, the other night. I,m not sure that I would like to do a nights work in it, but it is a lovely looking motor. I will try to get there during the day to see if I can get a couple of better pics.

Well thats me done for now,I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Del Boy.

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