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Minicab driver by day, Taliban by night

If things weren’t bad enough already with minicab muggers, thieves and sexual predators and now Taliban fighters.
Minicab drivers are supposed to have a CRB checks, the same as Taxi drivers as to stop these type of people driving vulnerable people around.
What has gone wrong, when our licensing authority can’t  check and stop these people from [...]



Star date: 18th November 2010

BBC staff relocating from London, and Salford people lucky enough to get work, will be staggered to hear that they won’t be able to hail a black cab at MediaCityUK.
Despite millions of pounds worth of public money being sunk into infrastructure at Salford Quays, the whole MediaCityUK [...]


Queen look a like

I picked up Elizabeth Richard on Saturday night, she’s the Queen look a like.

British born Elizabeth, the same height as the Queen, is a perfect likeness of Her Majesty the Queen.
I picked her up at the Regents Parkl Hotel late Saturday night and took her home to Kennington.
She is a very lively, chatty 75 year [...]


MPs “could” investigate cab licensing in London

An investigation into taxi and mini cab licensing could be extended to cover London
A new enquiry by MPs into the licensing of taxis and Private Hire vehicles “could” be extended to cover taxi and mini cabs in London.
Last week the House of Commons Transport Committee announced an investigation into the licensing of taxis and private [...]


John Mason adds Fuel to the Flames…. By Jason Byrne.

Wednesday Morning, Paul Ross interviews Jonathan Myers, spokesperson for the United Cabbies Group and asks whats this Demonstration all about.

Later that morning, John Mason, Head of Taxi and Private Hire at TfL, was given a chance to put his view on the current situation.

We are not muggers, thieves, rapists or terrorists.
We are in fact “The [...]


3rd United cabbies demo of 2010

On Wednesday 17th November 2010 the United Cabbies Group staged a drive-in demonstration at Oxford Circus.
This is the 3rd demonstration this year against Rapes and sexual assults.
At 3pm, thousands of London Taxis descended on Oxford Circus in protest against Satellite Offices which they believe are directly responsible for the alarming number of rapes and sexual [...]


Cabbies pay tribute

What a fantastic turn out of cabs, this rank extended all the way over Westminster Bridge.

The UCG marshals that were present, they did a fantastic job, I take my hat of to them,because without them organizing and attending this event, it would not have happened.
All above pictures taken by Michael Fitzpatric @fitztaxi
The back of the [...]


A day to remember by Simco

Steve’s account can be related to many night drivers that were with us throughout the day.
Many, including myself stayed overnight. There was time in the early hours of the morning that one felt so tired that nothing else mattered.
Full English breakfast fixed all that. Two drivers playing pool at Camley St. Cafe told [...]


remembrance Sunday 2010

A day to remember.
There were around 80 or more cabbies that turned up at the three pick up points to transport the war veterans to Whitehall.

Aranged by the United Cabbies Group (UCG) the day was a big success.
Saturday night I came out to work at around 6pm, it was a extremely busy night, I [...]


United Cabbies Group Jonathan Myers

Remembrance day travel
Spoke’s person for the united Cabbies group Jonathan Myers goes live on ITV’s London Tonight programme.
Tube disruption means many veterans will find it hard to get to Remembrance Day ceremonies on Sunday. But a group of London cabbies are coming to their rescue.
UCG spoke’s person Jonathan myers musters up 80 London cabbies for [...]

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