RMT’s October newsletter 2010

RMT London taxi branch

October 2010

Mayor of London replies to RMT London taxi branch.

The Mayor of London responded directly to our chairman John Kennedy regarding the issue of age limits, vehicle excise duty and consultation with TFL/TPH. The mayor has confirmed that the RMT London taxi branch will be included in all consultations with TFL that affect the taxi trade. He also confirmed that no decision had yet been made with regards to age limits and that he would lobby central Government regarding the absurd vehicle excise duty rates that taxi-cab driver’s pay when compared to buses. Remember only the RMT said NO to age limits..!

TPH (formerly PCO) Engagement Policy.

On Friday the 15th of October 2010 we responded directly to John Mason and his taxi engagement policy. The RMT London taxi branch rejects the policy on the grounds that it discriminates against members of the RMT and does not apply to the existing trade orgs/union that meet with TPH on a quarterly basis. Presently two of the three trade orgs/union cannot meet the 5% membership criteria. If the engagement policy is to stand scrutiny than it should be applied to the LTDA, Unite the union and the LCDC.

We look forward to TPH’s response but taxi-cab drivers should be under no illusion it appears that others within the London taxi trade are rattled at the thought of a well organised intelligent union dealing with TPH in the future.

Please note/remember that the RMT is included in all consultations that affect our members has confirmed by the Mayor of London..!

Breaking news.

TFL have kicked into touch the idea of licensing mini-cab motor bikes and have instead referred the mater/issue to central government.

Therefore the temporary transitional arrangements will continue to be applied to mini cab motor bikes.

In light of this announcement we will be writing to the Transport commissioner to ask him that all names that can be read or appear to imply that service is a taxi bike should be removed immediately.

Bus stop/stand?

Have any of you noticed the increase in buses parking at bus stops and not sitting on appropriate stands. The buses delay taxi passengers and all other surface transport users but more importantly are these buses exempt from parking regulations.

Euston road and Trafalgar Square are two hot spots at the moment.

M4 Bus Lane.

The only trade union/org to react in any positive way to the very sad but also shocking news of the potential loss of the M4 bus lane was the RMT with the vice chair Paul Walsh making an immediate appearance on bbc London television whilst other committee members contributed on LBC 97.3fm and Radio 4 PM show with the Secretary of State Phillip Hammond.

The RMT London taxi branch has requested the “new” modelling regarding this stretch of motorway. We await the figures and we shall respond formally once we have analysed and compared them with the initial findings of the Transport Research Laboratory/Highways Agency.

Bishops bridge taxi rank/stand.

The present chair of the London Assembly Transport committee will shortly be visiting the site with members of the RMT London taxi branch. The loss of rank space may not cause the taxi trade problems at present but once the busy Christmas period is over this trade will need every rank space it can find. With VAT to rise (Jan 4th 2011) to 20% we are sure to be in for another tough kipper season.

Lack of consultation.

Both the above issues have something in common and that was the lack of consultation with the driver orgs/union that call themselves the “united trade group”. TFL and the new Secretary of State for Transport blanked the London taxi trade.

Age Limit No Limit.

So there is no confusion within the London taxi trade we would like to remind all taxi-cab drivers that the RMT said no to an age limit unlike others who allege to represent taxi-cab drivers. Remember the RMT said NO whilst the United Trade Group (LTDA/Unite/LCDC) said YES…!

Foldaway tables come in many shapes and sizes and we were wondering if this is the type of table used by people in authority from time to time.

A sign which we need to see more of on all our taxi ranks and stands.

You get more information on two sides of A4 than some pack into a paper/rag full of ads. Join the RMT online at www.rmt.org.uk or text/call the branch on 07899 786 433 and request an application form…!

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