A lucky break

Thursday night Friday morn I was meeting someone coming in from Gatwick AP, this is the run up to me picking him up.

I picked up a job from in town going to Exmouth Market, before I dropped  I put a tweet out saying I’ll be at Sweetings cafe in Queen Victoria Street in ten mins, when I arrived I ordered a tea and two Mince pies, I was just about to leave when I got a tap on the shoulder, it was dawn, she asked for a latte coffee,we went outside and were just about to jump in the back of her cab when she took a job of the radio, at exactly the same time  my phone rang,  she jumped in her cab, blew me a kiss good buy and drove off.

The phone ringing was my punter letting me know that his train will be stopping at Clapham Junction at 2:40 am, it’s now 2am, so I  decided to take a chance and look for a job heading in that direction, I parked up outside Abacus in Cornhill, I was there less then 5 minutes when someone came up to me and said will I go to Clapham Junction for a score, I said I would, he paid me up front and of we went, what luck eh!

When we arrived at Clapham he said that will do, I was about 20 yards from the junction of northcote Rd and Lavender Hill, thank you he said and walked of.

I did a u-turn and a quick left turn into the station I ended up with £6 more on the meter then what I got paid but I was literally 20 foot away and  with 20 mins to spare to write this blog.

When my punter arrived he told me to meet him at the front of the station because the rear entrance was closed, I put his bags inside and off we went, 10 minutes  later we arrived at Grafton Square of off Old Town, Job done.

It’s now 5 to three in the morning and I’m knackered and  heading East bound, nighty night.

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