Westminster council shows us nothing but contempt

It doesn’t matter where you rank up in London, our ranks are abused, there is no control over them.

Outside the London Palladium in Argyle Street

This is a Wednesday night just past 10pm and these rickshaws are waiting outside, sitting on our rank and waiting to tout our work.

Why don’t Westminster Council do something about it, it is total disregard against Hackney carriage law.

It just shows you the total contempt towards London taxi drivers from Westminster council.


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  1. Dave Tee Jnr says:

    Cabbies, Do you expect to get any favouritism or help from Westminster Council? They show total disregard to you, along with others, expecially ‘jo public’. Here is an example. The motorcyclist go round in ever decreasing circles at Trafalger Square on Wednesday mornings and evenings – why? I’ve read the forum http://nutsville.com and spent hours on http://www.notobikeparkingtax.com – you know – it’s not about the ¬£1 parknig fee, but much more. Westminster Council say motorbikes are a contributary factor to congestion in it’s borough – so they ride like cars in turn making us all late for work and getting home, etc. When everyone started to get scooters to easy congestion WCC releiased they were losing money on car parking fee’s… so forced a fee onto motorbikes! Meanwhile Rickshaws and other road forms of ‘taxis’ continue to infiltrate a respectable taxi industry. WCC – get rid of the rickshaws, we don’t need them here.

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