What a week this was

My week started with me heading to kings cross/Eurostar to hand out leaflets for the RMT, I arrived there just past 5pm on Monday, 30 minutes later a copper from the transport police came up to me, at which point I thought he wanted me to move my cab but he didn’t he just wanted a chat, it turned out to be quite a long chat, half a hour later I decided i’ve had enough so we both parted and I started work.

The next day I was at one of our watering holes for a meeting with other TLC drivers, as far as I can remember it was our first ever meeting with just chair people, you know the ones that control the work coming in from TweetaLondoncab.

We all met at the Kings cross taxi center (XCTC) in Camley street at the back of kings cross station,90 minutes later, we all moved inside for our 2 hours Twitter school session, after which I went to work. The time is know 10:30 pm and I’m struggling to get in the swing of it, so instead of running around aimlessly I decided to rank up outside Nobu restaurant  in Berkeley street, when I reached the front of the rank, two guys and a lady came up to me and asked if I would like a long job, I said what do you call long job, they said first to Ashford in Middlesex then Leatherhead then lastly to Fleet and they wanted a quote, so without further ado I tried calling Lee patterson aka @leevonleft on Twitter, he’s normally quite good at giving out quotes but I couldn’t get through to him.

The lady said to me would I do it for a one-er meaning a hundred pound, I thought about it a said I’ll do it for £120 and they agreed.

By the time I dropped off and arrived back in town it was already past 2am, so a couple more short jobs and home.

The next day I was meeting a couple of guys from the RMT down at the London West knowledge school in Kensal road w10, we were there to inform, educate and recruit knowledge boy and girls, as far as I could tell it was a big success.

Later on during the night I was driving down the Kings road, just when I passed the junction of Britannia road opposite the Hand and Flower ph, a crowd of people flagged down a couple of cabs, so I had to stop and wait for them to sort them selves out before I could move of.

It was just as well that I stopped when I did because when I pulled away my front wheel drove over what I thought was a pot- hole, to be honest it felt a lot different then your average pot-hole, so I moved forward very slowly so I didn’t do any damage when my back wheel went over it.

I pulled over past the zig zag’s, got out with camera in hand and took a picture, this is what I saw.

Manhole with cover missing.

After informing the police I put a message out via Twitter telling everyone to be careful, I could have waited there until the police arrived but thought they could take ages to come and I needed to earn a few bob, as I pulled away a punter flagged me down and asked to go to Barnes, in he got and off we go.

On my way back from Barnes I thought I’de check to see if they managed to put a cover on the man-hole, to my surprise they did and put out a few cones as well.

Manhole covered and warning cones in place

whoever the police called, they managed to get out in ultra fast time and cover this man-hole, at-least that clears my conscious, no one fell down it or had a serious accident.

Come Thursday no more chores thank god but it was a busy night, nothing to exciting to write about apart from one job I got.

As I approached Old street from the Goswell road I had to stop at the traffic lights, thats when a young lady approached me, she said do you fancy going to Seven Oaks in Kent, I said yes I don’t mind, so in she got and off we jolly well went.

I still managed to get home by 2am so I was pretty well chuffed .

Nothing to talk about on Friday,only the usual piss heads on the streets, so  I went to work late and came home early because I had to go and look at some houses to buy on Saturday.

Thats my lot, i’ll be back soon, be lucky, Steve.

7 Responses to “What a week this was”

  1. Simco says:

    Now Steve, this is interesting life you lead there. Wouldn’t you rather be stuck in the office, sitting at the desk facing the wall. Perhaps there could be a window with the view of the wall opposite. Non of the boring wide screen windscreen with ever changing view like in your cab now. In the office you couldn’t chat to your workmate like you can chat to a passenger. How long does it take for your work colleague to become your rival or enemy? Can you achieve it within 15 min ride in the Taxi where everybody tries to show their good side only?
    Like I said Steve, you lead an interesting life out there. So do all of us Taxi Drivers.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Simco I don’t know about a interesting life, it’s pretty hectic at times, defiantly would not like to be stuck in an office, lol :-)

  3. Adam G says:

    How long does it ake for your workmate to become your rival or enemy?
    I think 6 minutes on the RMT taxi forum.
    The hatred / fighting forum.

  4. Paul says:

    I’m not a cabbie but have just been reading your bog and must say that I find it very interesting.

    Nice one for reporting that missing manhole cover… that hole looks bloody dangerous (glad I didn’t come across that on my motorcycle!). I’m guessing the reason its missing is due to theft, (which is apparently getting more common these days with the price of scrap metal and all that) so I guess it’s not the council’s fault (for a change) ;o)

  5. Steve says:

    Hi Paul I guess your right about someone stealing that manhole cover, A strange thing to happen though.

  6. Ianthe says:

    Hi Steve,
    Just found your blog online – great stuff! Was reading some previous posts and wondering whether the King’s Cross area in particular was known for having problems with unlicensed cabbies? I’m doing some research into crime in the KX ward and would be really interested to learn if there is a particular problem there?

  7. steve says:

    Ianthe When you say cabbies, do you mean mini-cabs ?

    If you do then I don’t see any problems with unlicenced mini-cabs in that particular area, then again I’m not always there.

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