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London school of Twitter for cabbies

Last night a group of London cabbies held a two hour meeting to discuss the running of Tweetalondoncab and afterwards another 2 hour session recruiting and advising new and old drivers.

I arrived at the Kings cross taxi center (KXTC) at a quarter to six ready to start the meeting, we started inside but soon moved outside,it was less noisy.

When TLC customers make a booking via Twitter they have to DM their details to us, then one driver that’s in control at the time will DM them back with details of time and driver picking them up etc, all of that is done from a separate account called tlcchair.

Last night we held a meeting for all the TLC Chair drivers.

Mark and Teresa Morris chaired the meeting, 13 of the 16 chair drivers turned up,  the meeting lasted just over 90 minutes, we talked about how we can be more efficient when dealing with customers, to what should be charged on fixed prices etc,etc.


When we finished we all moved inside for refreshments before starting our next session.

This is Twitter school in full swing

Every two months we have one of these sessions where we advise and recruit new drivers, what I mean by recruit is that we accept new drivers into cabup, if you’re not in cabup then you wan’t be able to do any work for TLC.

Up to now we have 130 drivers including those we took on last night, all those drivers will be able to accept work that comes in via TLC.

It was our second biggest success in taking on and advising new drivers, our first session we only managed 11 drivers but this time we were more successful, 18 in total.

out of the 18 drivers we interviewed we managed to put 10 into cabup and the rest were given advise and information.

I for one was very pleased with the turn out, it just goes to show what can be achieved when you make that effort.

Times and dates for our next session will be announced at a later stage.

2 Responses to “London school of Twitter for cabbies”

  1. Oliver Brown says:

    Steve, am keen on getting in touch with you about this to see if there is someway of intergrating our service to provide you guys with more work…and us, with a wider offering of transport modes. If you could get in touch with me via my email that would great.

  2. steve says:

    Hi Oliver, It’s not me you need to contact, even though I could pass your details on, I would rather you contacted The TLC admin direct at tweetalondoncab@googlemail.com

    They will be able to answer your questions.

    Thank you.

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