London minicab sex attacks ‘increase by 54%’

Londoners are being warned of the dangers of using illegal minicabs as figures show a 54% increase in minicab-related sex attacks in the past year.

please sign our petition to stop this from happening.

In 2009/2010 143 such offences were reported to police compared with 93 for the previous year.

Overall minicab-related sexual offences have fallen 20% since the city’s Safer Travel at Night campaign began in 2002.

New female students in particular are being told not to use minicabs that have not been booked.

How can this be right, why aren’t these minicab drivers be sent to jail and their cars crushed.

Kulveer Ranger, mayor’s transport advisor Transport for London started the Safer Travel at Night campaign eight years ago in an attempt to drive down the number of people attacked by illegal minicab drivers.

Figures for minicab-related sex assaults, reached an all-time low of 93 in 2008/2009.

A dedicated team set up last year to deal with these offences has so far resulted in more than 100 arrests.

The only problem is when these drivers get arrested, they go to court get a £100 fine and let back out and they do it all over again.

Kulveer Ranger, the mayor’s Transport Advisor, said: “These figures are a stark reminder of the dangers of getting into an unbooked minicab.

“I urge Londoners, particularly female passengers and especially those students flocking to the capital to study, to please ensure they only ever get into a booked minicab.”

Minicabs should only be booked through a licensed operator and when the vehicle arrives passengers should ask the driver to confirm their details before getting in.

Only black cabs can be stopped and picked up off the street without being booked.

Using a minicab that is not booked through a licensed operator is illegal.

Booking a minicab ensures a record of the journey, driver and vehicle is kept and can be accessed if necessary.

never get into a minicab waiting outside clubs,restaurants or venues, those drivers are illegal and shouldn’t be there.

Never hail a minicab in the street, they will probably stop for you but they are breaking the law and are not licensed.

Please don’t encourage these drivers to break the law.

If you’re not sure about the minicab driver and feel unsafe, wait for a Licenced London taxi, there’s sure to be one passing your way, if not straight away wait for one .

How can you ever control the minicab touting on the streets, when all you get is a £100 fine, there is no real control over these touts.

The government should get their act together and start to build more prisons to accommodate these offenders.

If anyone see a suspicious looking driver call the number below.

the benefit fraud hot line open from 8am till 11pm Monday to friday. Their investigators work 24 hrs. If you take down their details,

Benefit fraud Call 800 854 450 from your mobile Phone or add an extra zero to the beginning from your landline.

Always Use A Licensed London Taxi Be Safe Be Sure.

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