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Hi there everybody hope you are well and earning enough.
I haven’t been on here recently as my time has been taken up putting a CF Bedford camper back on the road, you can follow my progress( or lack of it)on my blog, cf bedford campervan revival, a link to which can be found at the bottom of this site or from the above link.

Well what has been happening in the day, or rather night job. It has been rather quiet recently but there have been a couple of stand out jobs starting with the couple that hailed me in Tottenham Court Rd and asked me to take their friend home to hackney. When I looked their friend was a young lady with a bike, who had quite clearly had more than enough to drink but she looked ok so in she got complete with bike.
After about 2 minutes she had dropped off on the back seat.
When we got to Hackney it took a while to get her to wake up and when she did it was a few moments before she realised where she wanted to go.
We eventually arrived at her address where she decided that the fare was too much and she only wanted to pay £2.00 !!
I eventually got her to realise that the fare was slightly more than that, £26 +, so she turned her bag inside out only to realise that she had no money. Not to worry she said, I’ll go and get some from the flat, so off she went leaving the bike behind along with a load of other rubbish in the back of the cab. After 20 minutes or so waiting it was obvious that she wasn’t going to return,so I decided that it was best to call it a day and go back to work. The only problem was the bike in the cab!
Among the other bits in the cab was a mobile phone but the battery was flat so couldn’t even try to call the daft girl to wake her up. I decided to take the bike to my daughters house and try to get the phone charged and hope that she would call it so I could get my money.
I drove to my daughters place and dropped the bike in the garden and managed to borrow an in car charger so that the phone could be charged. I had the phone switched on for over 24 hours but the girl never called & when I saw my son the next day he told me that it was knackered anyway and wouldn’t work so she couldn’t call it if she wanted to.
So I dropped the phone off at a police station and hopefully she will contact them and maybe I’ll be able to get my fare, but I’m not holding my breath.
The other funny job also involved a mobile phone. I was hailed by a rather drunk looking city gent, in Mile End Rd. He said that he wanted to go to Rickmansworth, so after agreeing a price off we went. As we were going along he told me that he may need to use a cash point. I found an atm on Holloway road but he said that it wouldn’t work but he had enough on him and he would have to sort me out when he got home.
So off we went and were soon in Rickmansworth where he directed me to his home. When we pulled up outside he said that he didn’t have enough money on him and would have to go in and get some. So I asked him to give me what he had on him before he went inside. He replied that this was a respectable area and he wasn’t going to run away.

I got out of the cab as he walked off and noticed that he had left his rather nice mobile on the back seat, so after I watched him go into his house I retrieved it and waited for him to return.

He was back out in a matter of moments with a rather smug grin on his face and handed over the cash. I told him that had I known he didn’t have the cash on him and that I would have to mess around , I wouldn’t have given him a fixed price. He replied that as he had paid me what we had agreed he was going in. I let him get almost to his front door then called him back to ask if he wanted his phone back. Petty I know but it gave me a lift.

Thats me nearly done for now but I will just say that if you are dropping off or picking up outside Bayswater Station don’t stop on the zig zag lines as Westminster Council are issuing tickets by camera, I know as I have just recieved one!

Cheers and I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Del Boy.

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