Buying and selling

Hi everyone it’s been a while since my last update so here goes.

My house.

As you know from previous blog’s I’ve been trying to sell my house,  well at last  I’ve got a buyer, fingers crossed it all goes well.

After being with one estate agent they managed to send me 3 people in three months, so we decided it was time for a change, so we changed estate agents and now after only two weeks they’ve sent at 15 people, with two of them making an offer, we obviously took the higher amount but it was a lot less then we anticipated, the reason why was because they didn’t have a chain behind them and we didn’t want to push our luck to far waiting for a higher offer with a chain, hopefully we will sell fairly quick.

Now all I’ve got to do is find somewhere else to live, my first weekend looking and I’ve already put in an offer on a property I like, that was on Saturday and this is Monday, I’m waiting for their response, I’ll let you know in a later blog what the outcome is.

Buying a camera

Taxi trade photographer, Justin Sneddon

For quite some time now I’ve been looking to buy a new or second hand camera, so after checking out a few magazines and Internet websites i’m still non the wiser and a bit perplexed, there are so many good camera’s to choose from.

I thought wheres the best place to get advise from, a camera shop maybe but then I thought all they want to do is sell you a camera and their advise could be a bit bias towards a particular brand, so I thought I’de ask someone that’s been taking pictures for a while and someone I knew, his name is Justin Sneddon aka @stormcab on twitter, we met up and went for a cuppa at toms tea stall in Clapham.

After a chat and a cup of tea it started to get a bit chilly, so along with my second cup we decided to sit in the back of Justin’s cab, I knew from earlier on that he brought a new camera and he was dying to get it home to charge up, so I asked if I could have a look, it’s a 21 megapixel Canon EOS 5D mk 11 and it’s the dogs, with a price tag of 2,299,99 inc vat, to much for poor old me.

It would be a bit like me learning to run before I could walk, My last SLR camera I brought was back in 1999, that was also a Canon but not digital and to be honest I really didn’t get used to all the function on it, so to pay that much money out now would be ludicrous.

What I did ask Justin was, what he would recommend  and he reckons  the Canon range of cameras, IE: Canon EOS 350D and a good lens, something like
Canon EF-S 18-200mm
, I think I’ll have to wait and see, I’de better sell my house first.

2 Responses to “Buying and selling”

  1. eze says:

    Hi Steve,

    I was looking into dslr cameras a while back, Certainly it has to be either a Canon or a Nikon. The Canon has a far wider range of lenses to suit both your needs and pocket.

    For the body then certainly the 350D is a good choice, other options would be 20d, 30d or the 400d.

    On the lens front then certainly spend that bit extra and go for the L series canon lenses, I would suggest a 50mm F 1.4 lens. This lens will give you plenty of light in most situations whist photoshop or so can deal with the editing.

    May I just add that the info I offer is through speaking to pro photographers in my Taxi. The one area they always agree upon is LENS QUALITY and not the body and their advice has been to NEVER opt for a ‘kit ‘ lens.

    look forward to viewing photos soon


  2. Steve says:

    Hi eze thanks for the advise, I must admit I’ve lost touch with SLR cameras since they bought out digital ones, I’ll defiantly take a look at the camera’s and lens you suggested.

    Thanks for leaving feedback, I very much appreciate it.

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