Devotion to classic cabs earns top trade title for Fulham taxi driver

A taxi driver from Fulham is the toast of the trade after securing a prestigious title for his classic cab firm.

Dean Thomas’s business, City of London Black Taxis, is the only cab operator in the UK to be awarded membership of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, a collection of the most skilled and reputable tradespeople in the country.

Dean, 41, set up the company two years ago with his partner Helen Ward, specialising in providing classic black cabs for weddings, corporate events and grand occasions.

Dean Thomas

The Broughton Road resident had to go through a rigorous assessment before being granted membership of the guild, which he won on the basis of the quality of service his firm provides.

Dean said: “To be a member you have to have five referees, and I had to go for regular meetings with them every week. They go through everything.

“It was a good feeling to get that title. It’s good that they give you a grilling, because it means not everyone can have it.”

Dean, who has been a cab driver for 17 years, has two taxis of his own – a modern vehicle and a classic black cab, beloved of filmmakers, tourists and Londoners themselves.

He has a list of drivers on his books who share a devotion to their motors, and can also call on a choice of alternatives including traditional Routemaster buses.

“The particular taxi people look for is the classic black Fairway, which they’re phasing them out now under the new emission system,” said Dean. “A lot of them are just regular black cabs that are well looked after, and I have 100 drivers on the books who I can call on.

“Things had been getting tough when I set up the company, and they still are a bit on the street. I’d been asked to do bits and pieces before, like films and weddings, but I thought I’d start doing that properly and put it all under one roof.

“It’s definitely progressed and has done quite well. We’re about to supply 15 vintage taxis for the 75th anniversary of Jaguar.”

Check out Dean & Helens great site at City of london black taxis

By Dan Hodges of the Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle

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  1. dean thomas says:

    Hi There

    Please feel free to paste this article to any taxi related blog

    And if you have a clean and tidy cab no adverts,radio circuit liveries

    Then send me an email with your contact details

    Many Thanks and Kind Regards

    Dean Thomas

    City Of London Black Taxis


  2. adam says:

    This is a very good achievement, and testament to hard work being recognised. He must be very proud!

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