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Tales of two ladies by Johnny Tsang

Johnny Tsang

After a long shift I was on my way home in the early hours I pulled into the BP petrol station for fuel.

I started to fuel up and I noticed a Black Mercedes sports car pull up and a lady got out of the car and I noticed her. She was wearing a short black mini dress with high heels and the figure was shapely and quite attractive.
I was still fueling up when she finished and I watched her out of the corner of my eye walking into the shop to pay I was thinking to myself she was a attractive.
Inside there were lots of people buying food, stopping for breaks and a number of police officers.

For some reason an argument had broken out in the shop between the lady and the cashier which was quite heated and there were some bemused looking people in the shop.
There seemed to be a problem with the card the lady was using to try and pay for her fuel and I could see lots of arms waving on angry looking faces.

Once my tank was full I walked into the shop to pay and to see what exactly was going on with the lady and the cashier.
As I walked into the shop to my total and utter surprised all I could hear was shouting in a thick Italian accent from the lady in the black dress, turns out that the lady I had been checking out was actually a man I could not quite believe what I had seen.

I payed for my fuel and left feeling confused thinking How can a guy in drag look so good and convincing.

Moving on

I was working in the evening and I passed Gloucester Rd tube station and I got hailed down by a lady in her late 30s with a full length long coat.
She told me her destination was Warwick Ave Maida Vale, I did a U turn and proceeded to head towards the destination,

after a few minutes the lady lady started up a conversation asking me how my evening had been etc and I responded with usual small talk.

I’ve then asked her what she was up to for the night and she started to spill the beans of what she had planned. She says I’m getting married tomorrow so this is my last night of freedom before I get hitched. I passed on my best wishes to her then she told me her story of what she was up to. She was meeting a male friend in the pub I was taking her to.  We are doing a role play, he is gonna pretend to pick me up and we are going to shag each others brains out, under my coat I’m dressed like a tart, I’ve not dressed like this since I was in my 20’s and I’m now 38.
Then she was telling me what she had on and how much effort she had made for this night and I was somewhat taken aback by how open she was about the whole thing.
Eventually we reached the pub just off of Warwick Avenue and I was paid for the fare. I wished the lady all the best and she said in a real bedroom type voice its show time.

Stories by Johnny Tsang

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