Oona King meets London cabbies

Hi everyone, going back a couple of weeks, a group of cabbies met with Oona King the former member of Parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow.

John Kennedy published an article for the Taxi Globe paper based on the meeting which you can read in full here. In John’s article he mentions that Oona took on Ken Livingstone in the first live radio debate between the two Labour Party nominees on LBC97.3 fm which was presented by the Conservative blogger and excellent presenter Iain Dale. John’s article goes on to say, the debate allowed both candidates the chance to answer questions from callers and listeners and debate the issues affecting Londoners which included policing, crime, transport and housing. However nearing the end of the debate Ken Livingstone dropped a bombshell on the London taxi trade by confirming that he would let minicabs in bus lanes if they had roof signs. This was a serious own goal for the former Mayor and just goes to show he has not learnt or understood anything about the London taxi trade in his eight years as Mayor- nor his near two years listening to taxi cab drivers calling his morning show on the popular London talk radio station LBC 97.3 fm.

Oona King meets Steve Emment (left) Jim Thomas (right)

After the LBC interview Oona hailed a taxi-cab and agreed to meet with a number of trade tweeters and bloggers which included Len, Johnny, myself  and Thomas the taxi of the Anderson Shelter over a cup of tea where she noted that;  it’s not the fact the laws are not in place to deal with the problems the trade faces on a 24 hour basis, rather that the laws are not being enforced by those in authority. Afterwards Oona King was taken by taxi-cab back to her East London home and wished well by all who had the chance to meet this very intelligent, decent hard working MP who did what Ken would never do and have a cup of tea and a serious chat with real working taxi-cab drivers.

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Oona 4 Mayor.

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