TV choice Awards 2010 at the Dorchester Hotel

Monday night outside the Dorchester Hotel in in Park Lane,as per usual we couldn’t use our ranks, so we had to double park.

While ranking up outside the Dorchester hotel last night, waiting for people to come out we had to double park, while the minicabs inculding Lewis Day and Addison Lee chose to use our ranks.

It’s a scandal that nothing is being done to stop our ranks from being abused.

It causes big problems for passing traffic as well when we have to double park.

This is how we get treated by those in authority, they suspend our ranks,¬† as if things weren’t bad enough already.

The Minicab firms even managed to get their own clip board johnny to make it look official.

lucky again for us cabbies to be able to communicate via Twitter, otherwise we would lose most of this work.

Be lucky, Steve.

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  1. Simco says:

    Robin Gillis, integration etc… manager. What’s the hell is going on? Suspending a rank when it is most needed!
    Is there an agenda from puppeteer at TfL to get rid of Taxis?
    Gillis suspended a rank at Palladium for a month and for no good reason. Now he suspends rank at Dorchester Ballroom on big night.
    On both occasions giving jobs to minicabs.
    He is either not qualified for this job or trying to be too clever.
    So what he actually do at PHT that we couldn’t do without? Mate, I think you are just a jobsworth.

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