deception at the Hurlingham club


Wednesday night around 11 pm while checking my tweets on Twitter I saw a couple of messages telling us that there’s work coming out of the Hurlingham club.

So I asked those drivers what was going on and the reply came back as there are dozens of minicabs picking up at the club and not a black cab insight.

Lee aka @leewd19 also saw the message and got straight on the blower to the club, in the meantime I was dropping out that way so I made my my straight there but not before informing all the other cabbies on twitter who follow tag_squad (Twitter action group) that there’s an urgent need for cabs at the club and to pass the message on and some drivers did just that, then DAC passed the message on via it’s terminal to all the other drivers.

When I arrived I saw Lee and a security man having a chat, he’s  the same guy that informs Lee when cab’s are needed at the club, I asked what went wrong, the security guy said that the hurlingham club’s management were informed about this advent 10 days ago and they didn’t tell him.

I find it highly surprising that the clubs own security were not informed, personally I think theres more to it then that.

Apparently there was a children’s charity hosted by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson. Boujis supports Boris Johnson’s Masked Ball

I have a sneaky feeling that we were left out deliberately,especially when Boris was leaving, so all he could see was minicabs outside.

We have given this club top priority when when they’ve needed cabs and this is how we get treated, Lee and Dizzy have even negotiated a deal with the club to lay on two taxi marshal’s  when these advents take place.

It all turned out well in the end, we saturated them with cabs, they arrived from all parts of London, and the minicabs were seen leaving empty.

Once again our thanks to DAC dispatchers and drivers and all drivers that turned up via Twitter.

Be lucky, Steve.

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