More changes in the West End

Sunday the 29th August

It wasn’t long ago when new Burlington Street was changed from two way to one way traffic, now Westminster have changed it back again.

Check out the white lines in the picture above.

The picture above is facing Regent Street from New Burlington Street.

One thing Westminster have left is the no right turn sign into New Burlington Street, from Regent Street.

Further down the Road or should I say Street at Oxford Circus they have made some improvements to public safety.

Have you noticed when crossing the road they now  have a  count down clock

You will notice it starts counting down from 20 seconds.

The count down clock starts after the normal time given to cross this intersection.

19 seconds I would think is enough time, even for the slowest of walkers.

There you have it, no more excuses for not knowing when the lights change.

Be lucky, Steve.

4 Responses to “More changes in the West End”

  1. Phil says:

    New Burlington Street change back to a two way system looks like usual total lack of thought or consultation. Other than for traffic, no way for a pedestrian to know this has changed. They still have the look left written on the road for pedestrians – which is a shame if a car happens to be coming from the right!! Buses use this road and with the taxi rank and usual service verhicels parked in it there is not room for two way flow resulting in horns being sounded all day long. Quite ridiculous Westminster! At the very least put some pedetrian warnings up and remove the instructions on where they should be looking! Thank You.

  2. Simco says:

    New Burlington Street (Samantha’s), Midnight – 7 a.m., 4 cabs, No 5065, double yellow line so no excuse for the scabs and cars.
    So there you have it. A rank to service at night. There is some work spilling into Regent St. after it has been sifted by the scabs.
    You might see me there more often if I can clear the scabs from the rank. But the Police station is soooo near…..

  3. steve says:

    Phil thanks for your comment, this seems typical of Westminster not to finish the job properly, we know that from marking out Tiger Tiger in the Haymarket, how long has it been now.

    Simco The police don’t seem to be to concerned with touts on our ranks, so i’m sure your be fine.
    Now I know where you hang out i’ll have to pay you a visit some time.

    Thank you both for your comments.

  4. Simco says:

    Last night I was all exited and went to New Burlington St Taxi Rank (for 4 Cabs).
    Lovely, all double yellow lines on both sides of the road. Cars and scabs on Taxi Rank but never mind I will see to have them moved.
    I follow Double Yellow Lines until Taxi Rank and there they stop. TAXI RANK IS SINGLE YELLOW LINES.
    Has WCC run out of yellow paint or have they left it out deliberately?

    Single Yellow lines are unenforceable at night when this rank for 4 cabs operate from Midnight – 7 a.m.

    I had this email from Richard Masset of LTDA…
    “The rank is either incorrectly marked or signed and is therefor unenforceable outside the hours that the single yellow line operates. Westminster is keen to bring in a consolidated order to cover all of its ranks during their operational hours. We don’t know when this will be done because of budgetary constraints, something that you are going to hear a lot more of.”

    Last 2 days TT was full of scabs bumper to bumper. WCC must be raking it in with PCNs.

    PS: Steve, if I stop it is usually TT, Movida or Abacus.

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