Advisory Notice System for Annual Taxi Licensing Inspections

One of the key objectives for London Taxi and Private Hire is to ensure that we apply a consistent, common sense and reasonable approach to all our licensing activities and ensure drivers and operators comply with the relevant rules and regulations that govern the licensing of vehicles as London taxis. To this end and following extensive discussions with various members of the taxi trade, TfL is pleased to announce the implementation of an advisory notice system for taxi vehicle licensing inspections.

This new vehicle advisory system will commence on 24 August, providing a formal and consistent approach for LTPH when making decisions on the roadworthiness and condition of taxis.

Vehicle inspectors, working for our vehicle licensing service provider (SGS), will now be able to use the electronic inspection system to identify whether certain failure items should be classified as a “pass advisory” or a “failure”. The selection of the “advisory” option for certain (non-safety related) failure items during a licensing inspection will result in the issuing of licence plates accompanied by an advisory notice. The notice will inform the vehicle owner/driver of the defect which may require attention and rectification within a reasonable amount of time.

Every effort has been made to ensure we provide this additional flexibility through the annual licensing inspection without reducing and/or compromising the standards, quality and safety of the vehicles used by the travelling public.

A similar system for on-street compliance inspections is being developed and will be implemented in September.

As part of the ongoing development of the annual licensing inspection process we have also aligned a number of the existing LTPH inspection standards with the more accepted current VOSA MOT standards.

An updated and amended version of the taxi inspection manual which incorporates the new system can be found on www.tfl.gov.uk/tph

The components and system areas that have been amended to allow the use of the advisory notice option are:

Auxiliary front lamp Ashtray
Engine oil leak Interior fixtures/fittings
Coolant system Cushion / upholstery
Boot lid Chassis under body
Coach lines Reservoir levels
Boot floor Exhaust assembly
Window markings Gearbox oil leaks
Driver mirror Spare wheel
Badges / motifs

We will keep this new system under review and will amend or adjust if necessary. We hope that drivers and operators will welcome this new approach to annual inspections and are happy to receive and comments or suggestions regarding it via tph.enquiries@tfl.gov.uk

24 August 2010 John Mason
For previous Notices visit tfl.gov.uk/tph Director, Taxi and Private Hire

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