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Hi Everyone If your a regular user to this site you would have noticed a few changes.

Firstly the way it looks, with the lighter back ground and also the extra side bar, Lester chose this particular theme to make it easy for me to keep changing the widgets in the right hand side bar, I’ve kept most of the pages and category’s and only changed  a few. We think it looks great, what about you ?
The one I like most at the moment is the gallery, I’ve been trying to gather together as many pictures of TLC aka TweetaLondoncab drivers pictures as possible, I think it adds a nice touch to the site and hopefully draws more attention towards us.

In my post category along the bottom I’ve added twitter for cabbies and RMT newsletters, when I or anyone else publishes pieces about TweetaLondoncab, I’ll add it to this category, when you go to Twitter for cabbies look a my second post coincidently named “Twitter for cabbies”, you will notice we have regular demonstrations at Camley street showing new drivers how to get connected to other drivers using Twitter, keep a eye on the time and date as this will sometimes change.

My second category change is the RMT newsletters. I’ve added this because I want all you cabbies that don’t normally go to the RMT website a chance to catch up on the latest gossip when browsing my site.

Latest Apps

Lester has also be working hard on writing me an App for legalledoff, to be shown in the Apple App store, this is what it will look like if Apple allow it to be used.

The picture on the left is what the app would look like and the picture on the right is what you will find when you open it.

The app will have five category’s, left to right will be my blogs, my news feed,Flickr gallery, global taxi news and lastly You Tube taxi videos from Storm cab’s collection.

If and when Apple decide to use it, I’ll let you all know, in the meantime I still need to keep adding pictures to my gallery. Now you can understand why I keep on asking you for your pictures via Twitter.

So all you TLC drivers please send me your picture, so I can add it to my gallery, the more content I’ve got the better chance I’ve got in getting this App.

Send your pictures to pictures@legalledoff.com

Stories category.

I’m also continuing to use my Stories category because even though it’s hard for cabbies to send in their stories I do believe they still want to.

If you have any good or quirky stories please send them to stories@legalledoff and if we like them we will publish it.

Taxi news.

in the last edition of Taxicab News issue 144 and Taxi Globe issue 639 Legalledoff got a mention under the title “Taxi community website”.

The papers explain that there are a number of taxi websites on the internet, some belong to taxi businesses but Legalledoff is one of the newer sites and it carries all sorts of interesting information, it mentions that we report on a wide range of cab related news as well as listing a number of enteraining blog sites.

If ever your looking for an excellent independent taxi newspaper to read try reading Taxi globe and Taxi Cab News you won’t be disappointed.

I would like to thank Sandie goodwin and Bob Fisher for publishing my website.

New blogger on Legalledoff.

I would like to introduce you to John kennedy, he’s been writing on a number of websites, including,

RMT London taxi branch

london taxi cab PR

RMT No to 19



Bollards of london

John is also the Chairman of the London taxi branch of the RMT.

I love the way john writes and his outlook on life.

It will be a pleasure to have him writing on legalledoff and I hope you enjoy his stories as much as I do.

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