Maniac Rickshaws

While I was sitting on our new rank in Charing Cross Road last friday night a cab driver  dropped his punter of at the rear end of the rank.

Cabbie Paul Kelly had only just pulled over at the rear of our rank in Charing Cross Road to drop of his punter, when a Rickshaw trying to maneuver round his cab crashes into the rear end, braking Paul’s tail light cover.

London cabbies have to share road space with these Rickshaws on a nightly basic and it has made London streets very unsafe at night.

this is Paul not looking to pleased

Being that all these Rickshaw don’t have any form of Licence or Insurance, Paul now has to negotiate with him to how he’s going to pay for the damage.

First of all Paul asks for sixty pound for a new lens, the guy nearly had kittens, he then said to Paul I don’t have a mother or father, Paul said what’s that got to do with anything, then the guy says can you make it cheaper, Paul says that’s what a new lens cost and if it was on the insurance it would cost a lot more.

The guy says can you give me five minutes so I can call my friend and he will pay, Paul says of course, in the meantime he managed to knock Paul down another tenner.

When the other guy arrives with the money they start to count it out and guess what he doesn’t have enough, he can only manage £38, Paul says that’s not enough but what can I do. I’ll have to take it.

This is the guy on the right counting out his money, while minicab drivers look on.

After all this commotion which happened around midnight on  Friday I was  still waiting  on the taxi rank for a fare, every so often a Rickshaw would came ploughing down Charing Cross Road, they all seemed to be racing, with their passengers edging them on.


Be lucky, Steve.

4 Responses to “Maniac Rickshaws”

  1. So that’s two rickshaw drivers, around midnight, who haven’t taken £50 between them…and we thought we had it tough.

    Unless they’ve signed up to the LTDA’s credit-card service.

  2. Simco says:

    Paul, you understandably don’t look too happy.
    Any prat who think that allowing this contraptions with casual riders onto our streets so that the Councils can make some money are flipping out off their heads.
    When one of them took my rear lights off with his careless riding, half on the pavement, he rod off at the full speed the wrong side off the road and managed to get away.
    Ban them from our streets and stop the flipping rickshaw idiots killing themselves and others.

  3. mick says:

    I wonder what James whale would have to say about this on LBC 97.3 4/7 pm
    and the studios are across the road from there

  4. Steve says:

    I reckon James whale would go loopy, epically of the fact that they race down Charing Cross Rd, he like many others would want them off the streets.

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