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Hello everybody, hope you are well and earning enough.

Well I’m back at work after a couple of weeks off doing D.I.Y and I must say it hasn’t been brilliant.

I started back on Sunday evening and things started well enough with a constant flow of small jobs that flowed together nicely and hit my target early enough to stop and have a cuppa with Steve before we went home which is quite a rare thing, even rarer was the fact that “white fiver Steve” actually paid.

As some of you will know, Steve recently took over renting my old TX1 and it is looking really good under his care which is nice as I would hate to see it driving around looking tatty by someone who didn’t care.

So as Steve has got my old cab I have decided to go up a rung and have rented a TX2 with air con in the back as it would seem that everybody seems to want it when it is hot and as the scabs are nearly all offering it I feel that I should try to, at least, be on the same playing field vehicle wise, after all they can’t compete on the knowledge front can they.

As usual my garage have pulled out all the stops to help and found me a TX2 Titanium which needs a small amount of work so they  lent me a 10 plate TX4 for the duration and I have to say I am impressed.

I know that there have been lots of things written about the 4 and most of them bad but I have to disagree. I have found it to be a great cab,comfortable, fast and even more economical than my old TX1. Now I know that there will be lots of you Merc drivers out there that will say their cabs are better,and I can’t argue as I haven’t tried 1, but I have to say if I was in the market for a new cab I would definitely have another look at the 4, who knows, I may even look to rent one next year when (or if ) the work picks up.

On the work front there have been a couple of jobs that stand out including the fella that trapped me in Borough High St the other night. He said that he wanted to go to Clapham Sth Stn but only had a tenner so to let him out when we reached that amount. Now any of you that have read my blogs before will know that normally under these circumstances I tend to take them to the destination, provided that its not too far over. Anyway when he got in he was carrying a box of food so I told him that I didn’t want him eating it in the back of the cab but he said that it was finished  and he only had a cola which he hadnt opened. So I said ok but to hold on to the can anyway.

So off we went and as we were going along Steve rang me to try and arrange going for a cuppa before he went home. As we reached Oval stn I pulled up at the lights and the can fell off the seat, banged on the floor and then rolled into the partition. Now this gave me the hump not only because he hadn’t kept hold of the can but also because the cab was the tx4 that Hexagon had lent me and I didn’t want to have to have the cab damaged before I gave it back to Jason.

So I decided that I would turf him out when we got to the tenner that he had said he had. We reached the £10 mark not long after so I pulled over at a bus stop and said to the fella that here was the end of his money so out you get. Fine he said then fumbled around in his pocket , pulled out £6 and said the rest had fallen down the back of the seats. He had a quick look then said that it must have been dropped when he got in and asked for my address so he could send the rest on to me! Well I may not be the cleverest of people but we all know that that wouldn’t happen , so I told him to get lost , did a U turn and counted my blessings that I had turfed him out there rather that taking him all the way to Clapham.

Another strange one was a couple of girls that hailed me on Commercial Rd & asked to go to Billericay via Enfield so I said jump in and was about to set off when 1 asked if it would be cheaper if they took seperate cabs and I said it probably would. So the more sober of the 2 said she would get out and wait for another one to come by. Now I knew that Steve was on his way home so I gave him a quick call and he said that he was on the highway and could be with us in a couple of minutes. I told the girls this and promised not to set the meter  until he arrived which they accepted so we sat and waited.

When Steve reached us we decided that I would go to Billericay & he would set off to Enfield. after we had been on the road for a few mins Steve called me to say that the girl in his cab had fallen asleep on the back seat. I laughed and then told this to the one in my cab to which she replied that her mate wasn,t drunk but had had a fall and bumped her head earlier in the evening and that they had spent the last 5 hours in the hospital waiting to be seen. Then they decided that they would give up and go home!

I told this to Steve and he said that he had already dropped her off  but she had left her purse in the back of the cab. I had just dropped the other one off so I did a quick u turn and found her still outside her house trying to get someone to let her in . So I told her what Steve had said and she got straight on the phone to her mate to tell her but her mate didn’t come back out to get it and after about 10 mins of waiting Steve decided to go home and drop the purse into the police stn.

The best job of the week came on Sunday night, which had been pretty poor, when I was hailed by a young fella outside Spearmint Rhinos on Tottenham Ct Rd. He was an american who asked if I had a credit card machine. Now as I was still in the TX4 I didn’t have my computer wired in so I said Icouldn’t help him but that if he wanted we could go to a cash machine and draw some cash.

The problem was that as he was only carrying american credit cards and he couldn’t use them at an ATM and he had already taken out all he could for the day on his debit card. So he then said that he had money at home , so if I would take him he would pay me when we got there. Now we have all heard this story before so I politely refused, saying that I had been caught this way before. So he stood there and said hows about I give you my iphone til we get home and then if  I don’t pay you you can keep the phone.

Now i thought it over for a few moments and then said hand it over and get in. Once he was in I asked where we were going and he said a little place near Cambridge! and could I do him a fixed price. I did a quick calculation, gave him a price of £150 which he accepted so off we went.

About an hour later we pulled into his gated driveway and he disappeared into his house and came back with 3 nice crisp £50’s took his phone , wished me good night and went in doors.

Half an hour later I was parking on my drive, a happy but very tired cabby.

Well thats enough from me this time ,I will be back soon with more ramblings from the world of Del Boy.

P.S Steve just told me that there is another bloke coming to do some writing on here in the near future, he did tell me his name but it has escaped me at present I think it was  Benny or something like that anyway I,m sure it will be a good read and will definately be a great addition to the Legalledoff team. Also if there any lady cabbies out there that read this stuff we would love you to write about your experiences driving a cab around London,or wherever, so we can have a female point of view on the great institution that is  the london cab trade. So if you feel that you have something to offer drop steve an email and he will get back to you asap. And dont think that it is hard cos if it were me and Steve wouldn’t be doing it, thats for sure.

Cheers , Del Boy

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