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RMT London taxi branch

August 2010

Transport for London/Taxi Private Hire.

The parliamentary agents for Transport for London and Westminster City Council have made contact with the RMT London taxi branch regarding our opposition to “clause 19” of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London (No.2) bill. The RMT and its London taxi branch is opposed to the “voluntary registration” of pedicabs and concerned authorities wish to give these dangerous objects ranks/bays.


TAXI newspaper.

In a recent edition of TAXI newspaper an article appeared which spoke of partitions to be allowed in mini-cabs. The article implied the RMT London taxi branch was happy about this matter. Well let us set the record straight for the owners and editor of TAXI newspaper.Bob Oddy sits on the board of TFL and the surface transport panel. The decision to allow taxi type partitions in mini-cabs was taken by the board of TFL and discussed by the surface transport panel.

On September the 2nd 2009 a story broke in the Evening Standard after Andrew Gilligan had spoken to George Vyse from the RMT. On the 4th of September 2009 the RMT demonstrated at Penton Street, on the 10th of September the others turned up! Yet again the once great trade paper and its owners choose to mislead the taxi trade and drivers; this is a sad day for us all.

Log onto www.rmtlondontaxibranch.blogspot.com for information of campaigns and membership enquiries…

Breaking News…

Parliament is in recess so we shall wait until October for the possibility of a 3rd reading of bill check out our blogs online by clicking on the link below.

Please do remember that the RMT is the only trade union capable and prepared to challenge the bill that wishes to grant ranks and/or bays for  pedicabs.

The RMT represents taxi-cab drivers at hearings at TFL/TPH. We’re saving licences and recovering monies for drivers.

TFL/TPH have created a Taxi Engagement Policy, after a lengthy discussion at our well attend branch meeting it was decided that we should respond formally to TFL, Mayor and the majority of London Assembly members. The policy wishes to exclude the RMT based on membership levels/numbers that don’t apply to all the other trade orgs/union. Note only one trade org can meet criteria laid down by TFL.

Lack of taxi ranks/stands.

The London taxi trade lacks ranking facilities, over the last twenty years   the trade has lost ranks and we have relied upon roaming/driving around to find work. In better economic times this is fine for very little dead mileage is driven. But in times of recession and even recovery coupled with environmental concerns we need more rank space and that rank space needs to be placed all over the capital outside businesses, bars, clubs, shopping areas so people can walk to a taxi-cab and drivers don’t have to continually drive in search of a fare.

London isn’t working because London isn’t moving.

Westminster City Council along with Transport for London and the collective of utility companies have managed to decimate the road infrastructure within the central zone of London. The golden fare scheme is destined to fail for it is near on impossible to drive into the centre of the city/west end at night or day. Piccadilly Circus does not function and still touts and mini-cabs park at their leisure with no fear of Police attention or civil enforcement officers actually doing their jobs correctly.

Our ranks/highways team have asked Westminster City Council about the recent signage that indicates Lisle Street will be closed from midday-midnight along with the right turn into Wardour Street. Note; Wardour Street is closed from midday-midnight between Lisle Street  and Shaftesbury Avenue. The RMT have secured a consultation on the Lisle Street closure but we have to ask what has the London Cab Ranks Committee been doing, did they know of these closures, did they not think of the ramifications for the golden fare scheme let alone congestion in the area?

August is here and with it the holiday season, on behalf of the RMT London taxi branch enjoy your well earned break.

George Vyse is a committee member of the RMT and well respected within the London taxi trade.

If you’re thinking of joining the open democratic RMT trade union please do pop down to George’s office at the Great Suffolk Street taxi centre and ask him for an application form.
It costs £16.20p a month and you’re protected the moment you sign or join online.
Full legal protection,
Representation at TFL/TPH,
Regular branch meetings,
RMT Credit union,
RMT Christmas club,
RMT email account,
Plus many more benefits for you the self employed taxi-cab driver. Remember if you want a voice and a vote join the RMT. It’s time to stand up for your right to ply for hire and not sell out.

Contact the branch via email at londontaxi@rmt.org.uk

Join the RMT London taxi branch at www.rmt.org.uk or contact us via mobile/text on 07899 786 433

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