London’s Black Cab – the world’s best taxi

Thursday, 5 August 2010

London’s Black Cabs have come out top in a quality survey of taxi services in the world’s biggest cities.

Fifty-six percent of travelers surveyed by Hotels.com said that London’s cabs offer the best service, followed by New York and Tokyo.

Taxis in Berlin came in fourth place, whille Bangkok’s Tuk Tuks came fifth, jumping from seventh place in last year’s survey.

Respondents said that London drivers were both the most knowledgable and the nicest in the world, beating those in Paris and New York, who were considered the least nice.

Taxi drivers in Rome were voted the world’s worst in terms of driving, while New York taxis were seen as the most readily available.

Hotels.com surveyed 1,900 travelers around the world in May 2010.

The world’s best taxis

1 London 56%
2 New York 28%
3 Tokyo 27%
4 Berlin 17%
5 Bangkok 14%
6 Madrid 14%
7 Copenhagen 11%
8 Dublin 11%
9 Frankfurt 10%
10 Paris 10%

Source of info the Independent

Listen to John Kennedy Talking to James Whale on LBC Radio, Click on the link below.


3 Responses to “London’s Black Cab – the world’s best taxi”

  1. Jonathan Bletsoe says:

    To all concerned!!!!

    In my personal opinion a Rouge Trader IAN KEMP at FAIRWAYTAXIS.COM

    He claims on the internet to have over 50 taxis, this lures you in, there are in reality maybe 10 you might be able to drive away. He also offers a ‘cheap price’ on the web. Don’t be fooled, all these have been ’sold’ and what he ‘has’ costs a lot more!!!

    I took the cab i ultimately bought for a test drive and it broke down during the test drive. What I did not now then but know now was that the engine had a crack in it. He claimed it was lack of water for the overheating problem and the mountain of steam coming out of the overflow radiator. He would look at it and get it sorted out. I trusted him as I have no idea about cars. When I came back he promised me all was well with the engine.

    Unfortunately I was so stupid, I bought a black fairway cab from Ian Kemp at ‘FAIRWAYTAXIS. COM

    Then the vehicle’s engine blew up after 700 miles and HE REFUSES ANY COMPENSATION IN ANY FORM!!!!!!

    The windscreen was already chipped BEFORE leaving, he assured me it could be repaired by ‘carglass’ This is not possible but refuses to believe this or offer any compensation.

    The vehicle was leaking brake fluid, which was downright life threatening and was only discovered once getting her up on the ramp.

    It had an MOT, um!

    He has refused to return any phone calls. He even refuses to answer the phone!

    He has ‘found’ an engine which will cost ME over £700 to get it shipped out (I live in Germany) plus my cost of getting it built in and and and!!!

    I am going to take legal proceedings against him.

    I leave you my dear readers to decide if you can buy with confidence from Ian Kemp at FAIRWAYTAXIS.com

    Thank you reading this.

  2. Martin Grange says:

    Re Fairway Taxis

    I would just like to say, that I have dealt with Ian Kemp at Fairway Taxis and bought a few old London Taxis from him for use down here in France.
    I have always found him to be honest, and true in our dealings, and I have on more than one occasion recommended Fairway Taxis to people whom ask from where I bought them.

    There are normally two sides to these disputes!

  3. Jonathan says:

    I’d just like to add that I bought a black Fairway privately in London. Ian has always been enormously helpful to me about keeping it going; supplying parts free of charge, giving genuine and honest advice. He actually makes very clear that although these are “classics” they are far from fault proof and you buy them with that caveat.

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