The Man who could have Run


Hi everyone It’s been all fun and games in old London town.

It was running nice a smoothly for the best part of the night apart from a few problems, firstly drivers not paying attention to road signs.

they have now closed Goods way East bound from Pancras Road part of the kings cross development.

The first incident was a car drove East up Goods way, past the no entry signs, how much clearer can you get.

Earlier on in the evening a car did a u-turn in Piccadilly one way, for all you drivers in the know, you would know that there’s a contra flow bus lane heading West.

Lastly while heading South down Shaftesbury Avenue, following behind a minicab, he turns left into high Holborn, as you know it’s a one way street.

Around 8pm I took a break and met up with @jasTHFC  aka Jason, Markthecab aka Mark of course, @leevonleft aka Lee and Divyesah63 aka Divyesh, we went to the Camley Street Cafe.

I and had myself a delicious Stake and Kidney pie with Mashed potato and veg, that place has defiantly gone up in my estimate.

later on I was heading down the Kinks Cross one way, heading back to kings Cross Station, when a young Lady and what I thought was her fella flagged me down, they asked for a Lloyds bank because the one in Kings Cross Road wasn’t working.

So off we go, she insisted on it being Lloyd’s, so the nearest one I knew of was in Old Street EC1, when we got there  he got out, to draw some money out, she told me that he’s Polish and he doesn’t speak much English.

I asked where they eventually wanted to go, she told me Notting Hill Gate but when he came back to the cab empty handed she said can you take us back to Kings Cross Road, where you picked us up from.

When we arrived back, she asked me to park up in Britannia Street, which is close by to where I picked them up from, she told me to wait there for a while, while she goes of to meet a friend.

I watched her disappear down Kings Cross Road, so I decided to follow her, true enough she did meet her friend but then started to walk back in the opposite direction telling me to wait where I was.

I waited 10 minutes before deciding to take my remaining Polish punter to the nick, that was after explaining to him what she was up to, he also realized what she was doing. ( She was not coming back)

I felt sorry for him, I had a feeling she was trying to extort money from him, probably for intended sex.

He really couldn’t say anything not speaking English but he also didn’t make any fuss, when we arrived at Shepherdess Walk nick  he followed me inside and gave the desk Sargent his details and the Sargent then gave me his details, after explaining in broken English he said that he can get the money out after midnight only, because he’s already taken 200 pound out, so I said I’ll come back at midnight and take him to the local bank.

When at the bank he tried again to get his money out but again he failed.

I said all that I can really do is trust you to send me the money, he said he would, I know what your all thinking but there wasn’t much else I could do.

The address the Sargent gave me to where he lived was in Sheffield South Yorkshire, so I couldn’t simply pop round and pick it up.

I gave him my -mail address so he could contact me when he needed details to send me the money.

Don’t hold your breath as to when this will happen, if ever.

Be lucky, Steve.

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