Peter Hendy on LBC Radio

If anyone listened to Peter Hendy,on Nick Farrari,[LBC] yesterday he as good as said,they wanted to finish us off. A guy named Jonathon phoned in (I guess it was the same one who spoke so well about the LTDF’s demo’s) he was given short shrift by Hendy.

Not word for word but it went something like;

“I have no time for people who earn their living off the public and then have demo’s that inconvenience them by blocking London”.

Asked why he said they would meet with them then refused, his reply was;

“We already meet with the LTDA,LCDC,UNITE and won’t WASTE the public money meeting anyone else, unless they can prove they have at least 5% of the trades backing and can prove it.

I guess he was talking about the LTDF and the RMT, but the big one for me was he said;
“The trouble with THEM,is they are all so divided”.

He also said how well the police are doing tackling the illegal touts!!! Yeah that one confused me as well and I am sure Jonathon will back this up and make a better job than me. But the way I read it was; “Shut up your a bunch of Muppet’s, who can’t even agree with one another”.
Now if I thought that, then so must some of the public.

Editorial Comment by Jason Byrne.

Lets not forget that this man Peter Hendy has, in the past, shown that he has no love whatsoever for the Licensed Taxi Trade and has been the sole inspiration behind Ken Livingston’s agenda to HARMONISE the two completely separate trades into a new York styled Taxi and Limousine commission.

Both Hendy and Livingstone spent time in New York looking at the Taxi industry and were impressed with the excessive budget generated by the American set up.

Lets also not forget that at a meeting of the London Assembly Transport committee, when told by Assembly member Peter Hulme Cross that the Taxi trade was unhappy, he said ” the Licensed Taxi trades troubles are imagined and they should get out more often” this answer was greeted with nervous laughter from the other members of the Transport committee.
Councillor Hulme Cross went on;

“They feel not enough is being done about Private hire cars touting outside hotels and night bars” and Hendy replied;

“Its because they have all taken their money by 9 o/c and gone home. When you come out of the Grosvenor House at midnight you can’t get a black cab, they won’t rank up”.

So this is the type of attitude we are dealing with in this man. One who has shown contempt for cab drivers and is bent on destroying our trade. The only reason he will deal with Oddy is because he has bought him off with the promise of Honours further down the line.

I’m afraid Mason is just a puppet. He has no power to resolve our problems, so we have to stop trying to deal with him.
Time to get the CV ready Johnny… JB.

Taken from the Anderdsonshelter

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