An easy night’s work

Hi everyone, Going back a month  when they offered me a update to my iphone I like many others took up the offer.

Back in June I did this update and regretted it ever since, at least till now anyway. I was using Microsoft Exchange for my E-mail but after the update my phone’s auto lock got stuck on 1 minute, which wasn’t what I was looking for.

As your aware of by now I use Twitter a lot and I like to see my Twitter feed all the time, so by having auto lock on it was a pain in the arse, so I switched over to Google Mail and that was ok for sorting out my auto lock problems but I lost all my contacts.

In the last month I’ve been painstakingly putting my numbers back one by one but only the most important ones. Apparently Google was the problem in not getting my contacts.

A couple of days ago my mate Lester calls to tell me that Google have know sorted this problem out, so I switched back to Exchange Mail and hey presto all my contacts were back.

So now all that I have to do is delete the contacts I created when with Google and back to normality again.

As you know from previous blogs I had to scrap my old Fairway cab and continue driving a rented one.

Me being the cheap scate that I am I would carry on renting a Fairway, apart from being cheaper then the the TX models it’s what I’ve been driving for the past 13 years and what I’ve got used to.

Now I’ve decided to upgrade to a newer model with air-con, I’m getting a bit peeved of with sitting in a sweat box day after day, I asked Jason down at Hexagon taxis if he could find me a TX1 with air-con in the front, that was about 5 weeks ago, I’m still waiting.

About a week ago my old mucker Derek told me that he was looking to upgrade to a cab with full air-con and would I be interested in renting his one, well you can imagine, I jumped at it, he had a chat with Jason and explained what we wanted to do, now the only problem is for Jason in trying to find Derek a full air-con cab, in the meantime I will have to carry on with the one I’ve got until the end of this month, then Del’s going away for a couple of weeks, so at least I get it for two weeks and it’s got air-con in the front, lets hope the weather continues and Jason finds Derek a full air-con cab for when he comes back.

So my message to you Derek is take as much time as you like and enjoy your holiday, PS where are you going , anywhere exotic ?

Before I go I’ve just got to tell you about a job I did last Monday night.

Around 8pm I dropped outside the kingsway Hall Hotel in great Queen Street, before I pulled away someone came up to me and asked if I would like to go to Brighton, I said yes I’d love to, he said can you give me a quote, so I phoned my quote master @leevonleft aka Lee and asked him what he thought it might go, he quoted me between 160 and 170 pound.

After setting my Nav Master’s post code of I jolly well go, I didn’t head towards Brixton and Streatham instead I made my way towards Trinity Road then Mitcham and the Purley Way, mainly to avoid traffic and it worked, a smooth ride all the Way, straight onto the A23, when I reached the M23 I bared right staying on the A23, that’s when I decided to transfer my thoughts over to my Nav Master, a couple of miles further down the road my Nav Master told me to turn left, being I don’t have a clue where I’m going I had no choice but to follow instructions.

After following these twisting winding roads across country for about 2 to 3 miles I ended up back on the A23 but closer to London, after apologizing to my punters who didn’t speak any English but I think they understood what the problem was, I started heading towards Brighton again, when I reached the same point that my Nav Master told me to turn left this time I ignored it and carried on towards Brighton.

After which seemed a life time of driving I finally reached my destination, I went through the gates and followed the road towards the Hotel, that in it’s self must have been a quarter of a mile long.

after unloading their cases they shook my hand to thank me. I parked up and entered the hotel and asked where the loo was because I was dying for a pee, while there I asked one of the staff what the address was of the hotel and they said it was the Brighton Road,Hersham.

That isn’t what I was told at the beginning, not to worry though, after doing a detour on my there it worked out ok and that was after knocking £20 of.

I has £179 on my meter and I charged them a fixed price of £150. up front.

Now the time is 10pm and I’ve missed my normal dinner break,  I am starving, could I find somewhere to eat, no I could not, so my only alternative was to go home, when I reached home I found a Kentucky fried chicken still open, my life safer. That’s all folks, I’ll be back soon.

Be lucky, Steve.

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