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London Cabbie meets Quincy Jones

By Danny   18/07/10

I didn’t really want to be there, but the last one had only gone to Earls Court and it was running fairly quickly at Heathrow so I went back there and had a salt beef sandwich and a cup of tea followed by a discussion about air-conditioning in metrocabs which then turned into a discussion about the 6.2 litre Audi A8 with a couple of cabbies as I waited an hour or so for my job in the feeder park, then I was dispatched to Terminal 5 and when it was my turn to pick up a job it turned out to be a 2 cab job taking none other than the musical super star Quincy Jones, and he travelled in 1 taxi with his friends whilst I took his luggage which completely filled my Taxi, about 15 or so cases to the Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane, Mayfair, I arrived before Quincy and had already arranged for the Dorchester staff to stack the luggage on those trolleys they use giving me a chance to nip in the back of Quincy’s cab when he arrived and have a quick chat, I said to him “you are a musical legend, I really admire the music you have made, especially in the 1970’s, he said ” you are just a boy only going back to the 1970’s, I’ve been making music since 1949 but thank you for your kind words”,he spoke in a natural humorous way, a great experience to meet such a true legend who has won so many awards, his awards have their own page on Wikipedia! He was very friendly, a real gentleman and very funny with it too and I understand he has a new album coming out soon and wish him all the best with that and certainly a man of his stature in the world knows that the best way to travel when in London is in the traditional London Taxi to a quality London hotel.

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One Response to “London Cabbie meets Quincy Jones”

  1. Steve says:

    Well done Danny, not many drivers can say they’ve met Quincy Jones.
    Good storie and great Picture.

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