Cabbies Interview with the Beeb

Friday the 16th was the day six cabbies were interviewed by the BBC.

Clare hamman of the BBC contacted me via E-mail a couple of week ago and asked if I could get a few cabbies together for an BBC film they were making.

They are making an internal film that is asking people from across the country what they think about the BBC and its values. They have interviewed people from fishermen in Cornwall to ladies knitting in Wales and they also wanted some London Cabbies.

Here’s what the drivers had to say after the interview.

Here’s what DAC driverDivyesh Ruparalia had to say.

I think it was a good recording session, done with humour and seriousness.

John Kennedy says that

“Whatever one thinks of the BBC you have to respect the fact they give people of all walks of life an opportunity to comment on the services they offer, well done to Steve Emment for organising & liasing with production team too” !

Sean says

I think what came across clearly was that we all hoped the BBC would stop trying to compete with the commercial channels in area like reality & celebrity tv and concentrate on what they are good at. Sport, news, documentaries and drama.

Terry Hannam says

What can I say re the BBC interview: firstly I felt that the crew themselves were very easy to get along with, polite and made you feel at ease with there approach throughout the interview, very open minded and at the same time I didn’t feel that what was being discussed was going to be edited to much! Which is very important if the BBC really do want to get a genuine feed back, I hope that our input on the day will go somewhere towards changes for the better, and not something to just end up in the bin with the unimportant rubbish!

Danny says

I found the BBC filming enjoyable as it was a relaxed setting and the BBC people were very easy to get along with,its a privilege to be selected for our views really as I imagine there wouldn’t be too many of these sort of internal films made,throughout the filming you felt as if you could say exactly what you wanted to, and that’s what I think we all did, great cross-section of views from all on a variety of subjects including politics, news, sport, radio,TV programming and online viewing really covering all the aspects of the areas of the BBC that I would imagine the majority would have an interest in (unless you only read their magazines or books lol), great chat and tea afterwards also with the BBC people, thoroughly enjoyable.
And thanks to Steve for organising it.

After the Interview all the drivers were asked to take a letter and work out what word it made, this is what they came up with, privacy.

Clare Hamman &  Camera man Joseph McAuley  Setting up camera outside.

Clare of the BBC says

Thank you for all your help on Friday. It was wonderful to be able to film with you all.

Please could you pass our thanks to Pat, too, as she was very generous to let us take over the space on what must be one of her busiest days.

Pat turned up on her bike to open up early for the beeb to set up their camera.

I would like to thank all the drivers Pat from the Russell Square shelter and the beeb for making this happen.

Click here forBBC’s Values film

(In the top green tab)  Click on “start here for BBC values”

Be lucky, Steve.

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