Harassed while sitting on a Rank

Hi everyone Last night I decided to take a shorter break then normal, my to buddies I normally meet came out late and decided to work on, So from the astral cafe I made my way to quaglino’s restaurant in Bury Street SW1,  when I arrived there were two minicabs parked up on our rank, so I asked them to move of, After a short staring contest and me taking pictures of their two vehicles they decided to pull of, thats when I move onto the rank.

Two of the drivers decided to start having a dig at me, while the other one  stayed on the pavement and just stood there with a smerk look on his face.

they started calling me names and  expletive’s to vulgar to repeat, they were waiting for me to react, one of them said what right have I got to sit on this rank, well it just goes to show the mentality of this person asking such a question.

One of them even said why don’t you step outside your cab, I said what for  you had every opportunity to do what you wanted when I was taking a picture of your car.

This sort of harassment happens on a nightly basis throughout London, I am fed up with it.

Now that the PCO have allowed minicabs to set up satellite offices outside many clubs and restaurants throughout London, it’s not just Taxi drivers that are harassed it’s also the general puplic.

They stand outside the door of these venues waiting for vulnerable people to approach, generally intoxicated ladies and gents.

I see them night after night blatantly touting our work, it happened to me again last night outside Abacus in the City, luckily this time the punter decided to jump into my cab instead, he asked me how much it would cost to go to Finsbury Park, I told him around a score, he said ok lets go, I then asked him what the minicab driver asked for and he told me that he wanted 25 pound.

While driving to Finsbury Park my punter said that the minicab driver didn’t even know where it was and he wasn’t going to pay him 25 pound.

I said to him do you know that those drivers outside Abacus are illegal and they are braking the law, he said he does and that he was looking for a cheap fare home, I said to him you’ve probably spent quite a few quid inside Abacus and you’re worried about being charged an extra fiver.

I said you need to think about what you are doing getting inside these licensed/unlicensed vehicles, if they had an accident and you were injured in anyway, you would get sweet FA for compensation, I said they are committing an illegal act by touting and parking outside these venues.

Thats my rant for the day, be lucky, Steve.

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