Crazy Cyclists and Bikes

While driving round the streets of London you tend to notice all the crazy things what people do wrong.

A typical scene on the streets of London, Motor bikes sitting in the cycle lane boxed area and cycles either jumping the red lights or sitting outside the box dedicated to them.

1)Why do some Motor Bikes use the cycle box behind traffic lights, when cyclists tend not to,they either sit outside the box normally past the lights. It would be better if the boxes were for Motor bikes only and let the cyclists either go through the red lights  or stay near the kerb out of our way, then there might not be so many expletives passing back and forth.

2)Why do Motor bikes use the narrow painted cycle lanes on main roads and not overtake on the correct side?

3) Why don’t cyclists stop to let cars out when all the other traffic does, I’m sure they think the law doesn’t apply to them, they’re a law onto themselves.

4)Why don’t cyclists warn other road users when turning left, it would stop us  from sitting behind them, expecting them to go straight on.

5)Why don’t cyclists always use the segregated cycle lanes ?

6) Why do some cyclists wear all black clothing and don’t have lights on their cycles ? there have been a few times when I’ve just missed them at the last moment while driving down badly lit streets with parked cars either side of the road.

7)Why do cyclists blatantly jump red lights ?

8) Why don’t cyclists indicate to let other road users know exactly where they are going ?

9)Why has the mayor bothered to spend thousands of pounds painting cycle lanes blue,what a waste of money, he could have spent the money on segregating them instead, at least then they would have had proper cycle lanes.

This is what the Mayors Cycle super highway looks like, painted blue lines.

There’s a general lack of concentration with everyone these days.

While driving down the Mall I was just about to pass a cyclist but all of a sudden she pulled out in front of me then decided to look, luckly for her that  she pulled back over again, when she caught up with me while I was waiting to turn left into Marlbourgh Road she shouted  an obscene word at me. God knows why it was her bad misjudgment.

This type of mentality seems to be the norm these days, I don’t know what is wrong with these people.

Another time while driving down the Victoria Embankment towards Blackfriars this is what I recorded.

The guy in the Black top was bad enough but watch The guy in the Blue top as he pulls over in front of the car on the right forcing him to brake hard, then he crosses the centre barrier and continues to cycle to the opposite side. What you didn’t see was that he then continued to cycle up the pavement towards Blackfriars Bridge.

The guy in the Black top jumped a red light but just watch closely at the guy in the Blue top as he goes through the traffic light.

3 Responses to “Crazy Cyclists and Bikes”

  1. KJ Allen says:

    So you’re filming whilst driving and then telling everyone how dangerous cyclists are? What a joke.

    You wouldn’t be an RMT member by any chance?

    Nice diatribe, you should try some exercise, it may calm you down and give you a some scope on life outside of the Taxi trade.

    I drive a Taxi, and I ride a bike, I see more arses driving cabs dangerously to overtake me to nick the next fare, than cyclists putting peoples lives in danger.

    3000 people died as a result of being hit or involved with a motor vehicle in 2008, 1 person dies as a result of being hit by a cycle.

    I suppose the stats are wrong though . . . John Kennedy says so?

    Good god. :(

  2. KJ Allen says:

    Nice cab by the way . . . and we wonder why people phone for air conditioned 3 year old Minicabs from John Griffen.


  3. Steve says:

    JK Allen we have things called car phone holders these days, where have you been.

    This post wasn’t about other drivers. You say your a taxi driver but seem hell bent on slagging other cab drivers of.

    1 person dies as a result of being hit by a cycle.
    How many cyclists have died or been seriously injured as a result of their bad judgment.

    Maybe it’s you who should take some exercise.

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