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I am part of the organisational team for the Two2Go sporting festival on Hackney Mashes, Sept 11th 2010. We are hosting a whole variety of sporting events, such as a trail marathon, triathlon and various distance races. Last year we introduced the Cabbies 5k challenge as part of our Two2Go 5k race to encourage taxi drivers to swap their cab for a pair of trainers and compete to become the Two2Go fastest cabbie! We have decided to continue the challenge at our event this year, so are encouraging taxi drivers to enter into the race to be in with a chance to win the Cabbies 5k trophy! I have attached a press release with more information about our events for you to have a read.

Would you be happy to spread the word about the event throughout your network of drivers? To enter the race, click on the below link and be sure to check the box on the form asking if you are entering the cabbies 5k:


We also have physical entry forms which i can send to you to distribute if you would be happy to do so?

Please let me know and i look forward to seeing lots of cabbies at our event this year!

e – rachel@sportingbunnies.org.uk
m – 07870 668320
w – www.two2go.org.uk

This years Two2Go events will be held on the Olympic Open Weekend July 24th, with the main event and trail marathon taking place on September 11th and a 5k run in Hyde Park on October 24th. Want to get involved? Sign up for the 10k, 5k or marathon on September 11th by heading to www.entrycentral.com/index.php?festivalID=121.
Running not your thing? This year we are excited to offer wider range of activities – all aimed at promoting greater participation in sport, see the website for the full line up!

Fancy a tweet, follow us on www.twitter.com/two2gorunning

Posted on behalf of Rachel Clare Marketing and PR Manager
Sporting Bunnies “Two2Go Series”

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