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Campaign against Blacked out windows in minicabs


Campaign against Blacked out windows in Mini Cabs

The situation where a sexual predator can flick a switch and imprison a lone female in their PCO licensed minicab with blacked out windows has got to come to an end, it’s as simple as that.

Many years ago, it was deemed unfitting for London’s black cabs (Taxis) to have dark glass in the rear window. Reports of prostitutes using Black Cabs to service their clients “ twice round the outer circle, slowly, driver” had been wildly exaggerated in the press, but the powers to be thought it enough reason to banned darken rear windows in Taxis.

Over the past six years, we have seen the rise in use of PHV people carriers with black glass on rear and side windows. In the same period of time, there has been a shocking rise in the numbers of sexual assaults, including rapes, which is now running at 8-10 a month, (this is just the victims that report the crime, it is thought to be a much higher figure and its not just women that are being sexually attacked). Passengers have also been the victims of personal robberies, mainly women, have reported having phones, handbag’s and other property taken.

We have concerns that it is “unethical” that Private Hire Vehicles (Mini Cabs) have blacked out windows in the backs of their vehicles. Combined with central locking, an attacker just flicks a switch and imprisons a lone female. No one is aware of this passenger’s dangerous predicament.

The responsibility of the Public Carriage Office should have been not to allow Blacked out Windows in Private Hire Vehicles in the first instance. However, lack of insight has, and will continue to be detrimental to the travelling public, especially women late at night. Cost should not be an issue as in most cases these black windows are just a sheet of film applied to the vehicles glass.


Check out the video below.

Please go to WWW.theandersonshelter.blogspot.com and join the campaign.

The Anderson Shelter Campaign.

We ask ever Taxi driver to help. We would ask you all to write, email or tweet every person you can think of that could add weight to this campaign. MP’s, Local Councillors can be found by entering post codes in the box provided. Most of these people have twitter accounts and we have composed a set of tweets below that can be used to draw there attention to this issue.


If a full stop is placed in front of a persons twitter address, then the tweet is sent to every one of that person follower’s. Example;

.@DarrenJohnsonAM will be sent to every one who follows this green party member ofthe London Assembly.

Just by doing a little digging you can find an address of you MP or Assembly Member.

These people follow many important names in local government and in turn are followed by many important people. Just by each driver sending just one tweet, our message could go viral at the speed of light.


Please support the campaign to ban blacked out windows in mini cabs and help stop sexual assaults on young women http://bit.ly/cZM933

8-10 sexual assaults including rape every month. Join our campaign to banned black rear windows in mini cabs http://bit.ly/cZM933

Flick of a switch, she’s a prisoner in the PHV with black windows. Join our campaign to ban black windows in minicabs http://bit.ly/cZM933


You can find the address of your MP, MEP and Local Councillors by entering your postcode in the White box in E-mail addresses & Complaint templates from the home page. We have decided against a template as when some one in authority starts to receive the same worded email from lots of different senders they take little or no notice of the content.

If you really can not compose your own email just copy and past the article at the beginning of this post, between the red lines!

Other email addresses;

Boris Johnston, mayor@london.gov.uk
Transport commissioner Peter Hendy,peterhendy@tfl.gov.uk
Stephen Hammond MP de facto Minister for London hammonds@parliament.uk
Philip Hammond Secretary of state for Transport

Letters to MP’s and Assembly Members.

Letters are the hardest form of complaint to arrange as most people have not written a letter for many years. But it is a very powerful medium that adds much weight to a campaign.
Again if words do not come easy to you, just use the article between the red lines.

Hand Out Leaflets.
If you have the facilities, we would also ask drivers to print out the article

(between the red lines) and hand to customers. It will be a good way to get support from the general public that use Taxis and PHV’s.

Taken with kind permission from the The Anderson shelter

Be lucky, Steve.

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