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China-made London taxis to begin UK assembly in September

London black cabs maker Manganese Bronze had a challenging first half as taxi drivers held on to their fares and tips rather than splash out on a new vehicle.
“It was a half very much of two quarters,” said chief executive John Russell. “In the first three months we sold 4% more cabs, or 453.
“Then came [...]


SAS London Cabbie

A London taxi driver who led an extraordinary double life in the SAS has written a novel based on his experiences.
The writer, known only by his pen-name David Black, spent 11 years as a cabbie but could be called away on a top-secret mission at a moment’s notice.
A former soldier in the regular Army, he [...]


Peter Hendy on LBC Radio

If anyone listened to Peter Hendy,on Nick Farrari,[LBC] yesterday he as good as said,they wanted to finish us off. A guy named Jonathon phoned in (I guess it was the same one who spoke so well about the LTDF’s demo’s) he was given short shrift by Hendy.
Not word for word but it went something like;

“I [...]


An easy night’s work

Hi everyone, Going back a month  when they offered me a update to my iphone I like many others took up the offer.
Back in June I did this update and regretted it ever since, at least till now anyway. I was using Microsoft Exchange for my E-mail but after the update my phone’s auto lock got stuck on [...]


I’m back

Hello everybody, hope you are well and earning enough.
I haven’t been here for a while as we have been spending all our time doing up the house & garden, but we have nearly finished and I thought that it was time to bore you all again with my ramblings.
The only difference you will notice is [...]


London Cabbie meets Quincy Jones

By Danny   18/07/10

I didn’t really want to be there, but the last one had only gone to Earls Court and it was running fairly quickly at Heathrow so I went back there and had a salt beef sandwich and a cup of tea followed by a discussion about air-conditioning in metrocabs which then turned into a [...]


Cabbies Interview with the Beeb

Friday the 16th was the day six cabbies were interviewed by the BBC.
Clare hamman of the BBC contacted me via E-mail a couple of week ago and asked if I could get a few cabbies together for an BBC film they were making.
They are making an internal film that is asking people from across the [...]


Harassed while sitting on a Rank

Hi everyone Last night I decided to take a shorter break then normal, my to buddies I normally meet came out late and decided to work on, So from the astral cafe I made my way to quaglino’s restaurant in Bury Street SW1,  when I arrived there were two minicabs parked up on our rank, [...]


Tx Taxis versus Merc Vito’s

Twilight of London’s black cab?
London’s iconic black cabs, with their distinctive front grille and round headlights, are getting strong competition from newer taxis with automated doors.

Aside from London’s ubiquitous red double-decker buses, little else is more evocative of the city’s streetscape than the fleets of black cabs.
But increasingly, the familiar image of the traditional workhorse [...]


A Warning from the Taxi Driver

I have not taken a taxi in London in years. They are pretty expensive. But a delayed flight and a series of meetings forced me to take the good old London Cab rather than the good old London Tube.
After having paid the driver, I asked for the receipt, collected that and shoved it in my [...]

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