TLC for Cabbies

London School of Twitter for Cabbies

I was at my first open evening last night for the LSTC ( London School of Twitter for Cabbies) and it was a big success.

I arrived at the KXTC aka the Camley Street cafe around 19:45 so I could have my dinner, then it was down to business, just past 20:00 the first cabbie arrived. My job was to make a note of who they are ie their Twitter name and what they’ve come for so I could send them to the right person.

We managed to hold on to two tables, it was just as well because we needed them.  David Hopkins aka @cabbydavid was sitting on one with his laptop, booking drivers in for the Tlc chair driver schedule’s to cover TweetaLondoncab work.Also  Dawn Cooper aka @coopesE1 was also there, Dave and Dawn’s job was to put drivers into cabup, tlcchair, and also explain to them how to set up accounts etc etc.

Also Karl James aka @KarlcabbyJames the founder of TweetaLondoncab was there, his job along with Mark Morris aka @Markthecab was to give advise on technical matters.

Also there was Len Martin aka @TX1FAN he was there setting up a Tweetalondoncab  phone line, we’re not to sure what it’s going to be used for just yet but when we are we will publish it on the new style TweetaLondoncab website when it’s ready, i’ll also let you all know on my site.

Altogether we managed to interview 10 drivers, with problems ranging from how to set up a Twitter account’s from their mobile phone’s and going into cabup.tlcchair etc. The most common questions was for technical advise and know how.

LSTC next meeting will be on Tuesday the 28th of September, don’t miss it.

Be lucky, Steve.

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