A hot days work

Hi Everyone last night the 27th after being knocked out of the world cup by Germany I decided to go to work.
The game finished at 4:45 and I was as sober as a judge, mainly because I made my mind up the day before that I would be working after the game, you know what it’s like, end of the month and bills to pay.  It was a very hot day, in fact I heard it was 30°C and to hot to be behind the wheel of my cab but I had to go, so before starting I decided to open all my windows and cool it down.

I could have done without not working, it was so nice sitting in the garden and dreaming of being on some exotic island in the middle of nowhere come 6 o’clock and my dreams were shattered and it was time for me to make that move.

The cab was still hot but not as bad as before I opened the windows, so off I go, I reached Old Street around 6:45 and thats when I picked up my first job, not going far but it didn’t matter, I didn’t stop working till 2am, not even for a bite to eat or a quick cuppa.

I think I must have picked up at kings Cross about three times and twice at the RAFT  Rail and freight terminal( aka Gatwick express) and the rest of the day/night from the street.

The work just keep coming and coming, it was as good as last Wednesday when England last played, it become more bearable to work once the sun faded away but still a very hot night.

There was only a couple of incidents, the first being a taxi driver who jumped the red light at the bottom of the Haymarket then turned right into Pall Mall cutting me up in the process, Reg no N60 KAB a gold colored cab, he didn’t even notice I was there. The second incident was two young girls, they left a plastic cup full of ice on my back seat, when I called one of them back she said it’s only water,  at a guess I think she meant it didn’t matter. I said what about other people sitting down, she said sorry and cleaned it up.

That’s all  for now, be lucky, Steve.

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